Baltimore Business Owners to Sue City

According to this, business owners who lost their businesses and/or were looted in the riots after the death of Freddie Gray are suing Baltimore for failing to protect them.

“The City failed them when they adopted a policy of restraint and issued stand-down orders, caring more about the public perception that they feared would result with increased police presence than preventing what were clearly preventable riots,” the lawyer for the businesses suing the city said.

If you recall, during the riots, the police were told to stand down and we were all told we had to let people protest as they see fit because they were angry.

In the meantime, businesses in Baltimore bore the brunt of it. Businesses that were not involved in the death of Freddie Gray, could not have helped him, and were not voicing opinions on the occurrence.

These business owners had to sit back and watched their businesses were busted up, looted, burned to the ground, etc. as the cops stood by doing nothing to stop the riots or defend the businesses. These were real people that paid the price for something they were not involved in, because the USA’s snowflakes have decided that the best way to protest is to destroy their own towns, communities, and neighbors, and then cry about their situations later.

Personally, I wish these business owners the best and I hope they win.

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