What is the Point, California?

Beginning July 1, any gun owner who owns magazines that can hold over 10 rounds is supposed to give them up. They either have to destroy them, give them to police, give them to gun shops, or sell them out of state. So far, no one has seemed to comply and sheriffs are saying they aren’t planning on seeking out gun owners and checking their magazines.

Full article: Millions of Gun Owners May Become Criminals On July 1…

OK. Then what the hell is the point? No one is actually complying and no one intends to check to see if the magazines people have comply with the law. Then why bother?

How do you know if people destroyed the magazines or sold them out of state anyway? If they were checking with people, couldn’t they just say they beat the magazines to death and threw them away? Maybe they lost them in a horrible boating accident? How can you prove they did or did not?

This piece of legislation is beyond useless. What a waste of tax payer dollars. And then people wonder why the taxes in California are so high and why they are always broke. This is why.