The Ongoing Frustration of Trump’s Conservative Critics

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LIMBAUGH: The Ongoing Frustration of Trump’s Conservative Critics | Daily Wire

I wanted to share the above article because I personally thought it was a good read.

Trump is frustrating a lot of his nay-sayers on both sides of the isle. Look, I’ve said it before. Trump wasn’t my first choice. He wasn’t my second or third choice, either. He had run before without anyone even paying him any mind, and I really didn’t even think he was serious, let alone would actually become president. I didn’t vote for him in the primaries (let me add an addendum here: I voted on the Libertarian primary ballot, so I didn’t vote for a Republican candidate at all. I am officially registered in my state as a Libertarian).

I liked Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, if we’re going to be straight here. However, I don’t think Ben Carson would have held up against Hillary Clinton. So yeah, I was mostly a Cruz supporter on the Republican side. On the Dem side I liked Webb, but he didn’t last long. I don’t even know if most people remember he was running! And… I didn’t vote for Gary Johnson in the primaries, and after listening to him and his God awful choice for his running mate, I couldn’t support him, either.

However, I never embraced the Never Trump group, either.

The people decided they wanted Trump as their candidate. I wasn’t happy about it. But I decided to give him a chance and got behind him. Can’t say I trusted him – still don’t – but you’ll never catch me trusting any politician, so that isn’t news. I also will not pledge undying allegiance to any politician, either. I’m as critical about any politician as you can be. Heck, I’ve even got posts about Reagan here and why he wasn’t the shining beacon people make him out to be. At the end of the day, these people are politicians. And yes, Trump is a politician now, like it or not.

I stand behind Trump right now, but am not blinded by him (and yes, I did cast my ballot for him in the general election). I’m not a rabid fan, but I’m not a Never Trumper. I refuse to take my eye off of him just because he was chosen by the people. The people chose Obama, Bush, and Clinton, too. Yes, I laugh at most of his tweets, but I don’t think some of those tweets are helping him, either.

Trump’s not perfect. No politician ever will be. He’s our president now, whether you like him or you don’t. He’s done good, and he’s done bad, just like all those before him. I certainly don’t want to see him fail, because if he fails, our country fails. I hope he succeeds. I hope he makes America great again. And at this point… we’re several months in to his presidency. He isn’t going anywhere. You don’t have to be a super fan of his, but it might be time to sit back and realize this is who the people wanted, he won the election, and now he’s the president. Don’t stop fighting for what you want to see in this country, but how about we let the man do his job? How about we give him the benefit of the doubt – while keeping our eye on him – and see what he can accomplish? Maybe it’s time for the dems to stop trying to block him at every turn and wasting precious time to get him removed from office. And maybe it’s time for the Never Trumpers to do the same. If you don’t like him, vote for someone else in 2020. That’s how we do things in this country. But right now… let the man do his job.


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