Big News!

10906024_1026193454077040_2640495045899472484_nHey, folks! We’ve got some big site news! It only took about six months longer than I had hoped, but there is a new page for you to enjoy.

Unfortunately, it has a different domain name, which is not what I wanted to do. I am going to work to have the domain name here reroute to that one. But we’re not deleting this page.

This page is going to remain as an archive for daily news articles. The new site is a little more refined.

If interested, please check out the brand new page and pass it along to your friends, etc.

You can get there via Don’t forget to bookmark it!

We are keeping the YouTube channel, and you can watch videos right from that link. We are also working on moving over to Vimeo instead of, since is deleting my videos as soon as I post them.

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