About Me

Just a few fast facts about the author:

– I am not a Republican. I am a Constitutional Libertarian. I am mostly Conservative. But not completely. I don’t assume anyone on this page is going to agree with my opinions on everything. That is fine. Let’s have an insult free conversation if you so please. But come with facts, not emotions. Thanks!

– If you want someone who is going to tow the Republican party line, this is not the blog for you. There are a few Republicans I like, most I   don’t – RINOs and establishment guys. I’ll call them out the same as progressive liberals. Don’t like it? Move on.

– I do not take kindly to people assuming my stance on any topic, especially if you are going to attack me on said assumed stance. If you are curious about my opinion, there’s a contact link up there, use it. Remember, I lean conservative, but am not 100%. My basic stance is leave people alone.

– Do not assume how my life is laid out or what type of person I am. Again, ask if you are curious.

– I post a lot of story links, and my opinion on the piece – if given – is normally short and to the point. That is by design. I want to help keep people informed about various goings on, and while I will share my opinion, I don’t believe every opinion needs to be long winded.

– I do not hold my tongue. I believe political correctness is just assisting in the destruction of our country. If I feel or think something, I will say it. If you are offended, leave. We don’t want you here anyway.

– I am not a “rich, white male.” I am a female of various backgrounds and currently work as a receptionist. So get off your self righteous high horse.

– Personally: I am a history buff, an avid reader, a lover of video games, a social media addict, a gadget hound (although I don’t own many), and moderately tattooed. A college graduate who is currently furthering my education. Unashamed dog person. I make my own air fresheners, body scrubs, soaps, and lip treatments (not to sell). I like to cook and bake, and should probably have coffee injected via IV. I own more makeup than I could wear in a lifetime, and am known at the firing range as the chick with the pink ear muffs, Hello Kitty purse, and some really big rifles. And yes, I can shoot them well. I may not be the best on the range, but I can damn sure hold my own. And there is no gun I won’t try at least once… have met very few I wouldn’t try again. I enjoy photography, but not being a professional I don’t try to sell my stuff. I just like to look at the places I’ve been and remember places long gone.

– I will add to this as things come to me.

If you would like, you can find me around the web as follows:

Twitter: @Wolf308

Pinterest: Here


6 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey there!

    Gunny G:
    Smal l libertaian (that’s what a REAL conservative IS!)
    History, GubMint, Controversial, constitution (the first one…not the coupd;etat second one!)

    Semper Fidelis
    Dick.G: AMERICAN !!!!!


  2. I made a donation for your AHA Walk today. My Pops had a stroke some years ago, so I wish I could be a part of the walk also. Hope you have a safe and ultra-fun walk!


    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! My dad had valve replacement and triple bypass a few years ago, and the heart seems to get my whole my family. So thanks again!


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