LOL!: What Are Those Strange Red Strobe Lights Inside The White House?

BREAKING: What Are Those Strange Red Strobe Lights Inside The White House?

Apparently, there was a red light strobing at the White House.

Then this:

And everyone is all a flutter on Twitter… because of course they are. But there are some funny guesses as to what it could be.

My guesses?

  • Trump is sitting there with a laser pointer at a mirror, flashing that thing as fast as he can, and laughing his butt off.
  • Mad scientist
  • Disco party
  • Someone unplugged an alarm clock, plugged it back in, and then forgot to reset it.
  • The secret service is flashing laser pointers, and one guy is yelling back all the Twitter comments about it so they can all laugh. Alcohol is probably involved.
  • The secret service are into the hookers again.
  • Baron is playing video games.
  • Trump is setting his farts on fire.
  • Baron is setting his farts on fire.
  • Melania is setting her farts on fire.
  • The secret service are setting each other’s farts on fire.
  • Liberal heads exploding.

Defense Sec Mattis Asked What Keeps Him Awake at Night — His Quick Response Is Absolutely Blazing

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

“What keeps you awake at night?” host John Dickerson asked.

Without skipping a beat, Mattis immediately responded:

“Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.”

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Hillary Clinton Blames Right-Wing Media ‘Domination’

So triggered. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“Look, we have an advocacy press on the right that has done a really good job for the last 25 years,” she said later, returning to the subject. “They have a mission. They use the rights given to them under the First Amendment to advocate a set of policies that are in their interests, their commercial, corporate, religious interests. Because the advocacy media occupies the right, and the center needs to be focused on providing as accurate information as possible. Not both-sides-ism and not false equivalency.”

She attack right-wing media a third time in the interview, complaining about their “domination” of the media.

“We’re up against suppression, we’re up against an even greater domination of the media by the right. We are up against the propaganda machine. I mean, they have a reelect campaign already started! They have raised millions of dollars,” she said. They know that they’re in a fight.”

Full article: Hillary Clinton Blames Right-Wing Media ‘Domination’ | The Daily Caller

It is getting so old listening to lefties who lost elections whine and complain about the right wing media and the damage they inflicted on them.

Yes, there is a right wing media. Yes, they have a right wing agenda. There is also a left wing media with a left wing agenda, and that left wing media is the mainstream media. The fact is, there is no “center” media. There is not a media source right now that does not have a wing bias. It’s why I encourage people to read both right wing and left wing media, because the real story is a combination of the two sides. But you have to work to find it, and people don’t want to do that. I don’t blame them. But we tend to go where we lean.

So, no, Hillary. The right wing media probably didn’t hurt you, because the people following right wing media weren’t going to vote for you anyway. The left wing media was pushing hard for you and your agenda, and you still lost. That’s you. It’s all you, lady. Judging by your inability to take personal responsibility for your loss in a rigged election that was practically handed to you and was pushed for so hard by the left wing media, we apparently dodged a hell of a bullet by keeping you out of office!


California Farmer Fined $2.8M for Plowing His Own Field


The California farmer who became the poster child for EPA reform under President Donald Trump is being fined $2.8 million by state and federal regulators for plowing his own field in Tehama County.

According to a story in the Redding Record Searchlight:

David McNew / Getty

“The case is the first time that we’re aware of that says you need to get a (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) permit to plow to grow crops,” said Anthony Francois, an attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation.

“We’re not going to produce much food under those kinds of regulations,” he said.

However, U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller agreed with the Army Corps in a judgment issued in June 2016. A penalty trial, in which the U.S. Attorney’s Office asks for $2.8 million in civil penalties, is set for August.

Full article: California Farmer Fined $2.8M for Plowing His Own Field – Breitbart


U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.

The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates. Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.

The State Department’s decision was conveyed in an email on Thursday to the private agencies in countries around the world that help refugees manage the nearly two-year application process needed to enter the United States.

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Mark Zuckerberg Wants Everyone to Receive a Guaranteed Government Income

Independent Sentinel

“We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things,” the billionaire said at his commencement speech to Harvard graduates on Thursday (25 May).

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Everyone to Receive a Guaranteed Government Income

That sounds great, Zuck. But tell me something.

When the government gives everyone a guaranteed income, what happens to the incentive to work? It goes away. So when everyone stops working, where do we get the money to pay that guaranteed income, considering the government is 100% tax payer funded?

What happens to industry? Who runs the grocery store? The internet? Facebook? Car repair shops? The plumbers? Electricians? First responders? Doctors? Nurses? Road repair? Farms? Who runs TV stations and radio stations? Who collects the trash? Who builds homes?

We need less welfare, Zuck. Not more. We need to create an a population full of people who are go-getters, who want to accomplish and create. We need to give people a chance to get out and make our country and our world better. If you get paid to do nothing all day, where is that incentive?


Civil War Museum Closes Down After Dem. Politician Demands Removal Of Confederate Artifacts

An example of a Confederate artifact in the museum (Image via WFMY)

“I think it’s reasonable,” she reportedly said. “I think there were plenty of artifacts in the museum that can tell the story of the Civil War.”

“I understand some people find the imaging of [the Confederacy] offensive,” said Stuart Carter, a resident and supporter of the museum, according to WFMY.

“But if we try and erase it from history, then we can’t remember how we messed up and why we shouldn’t go back there again,” he reportedly continued, stating, “Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict.”

Full article: Report: Civil War Museum Closes Down After Dem. Politician Demands Removal Of Confederate Artifacts – MILO NEWS

Next week, we’ll force Holocaust museums to remove all mention of Nazis. Seems reasonable. *insert eye roll*

What I don’t get is why the request was demanded and they just shut down. When do we tell people to f— off and go on with ours lives?