Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Caring Americans’ Support Gun Control

Oh good. They’re parading this woman out again. I thought she’d fallen off the planet or something.

Watts said:

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Make no mistake, there is a life or death battle for gun safety going on in this country. It is caring Americans versus the gun lobby and the gun lobby has a 30-year head start.

You know, that horrific day at Virginia Tech, there were so many heroes. And we’re not asking everyone to be a hero in this country, we’re just asking them not to be silent. There are 90 percent of us who actually support things like stronger gun laws, and we have something we didn’t have 30 years ago–we have an army of caring Americans fighting for stronger gun laws in state houses and board rooms. And we need everyone watching right now to join that fight, because it is a battle in state houses across the country.

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Amazing. Don’t you just love being accused of being something horrible simply because you don’t agree with her stance? I don’t know about you, but I care a lot. About everyone.

I can also make that claim without claiming that she doesn’t. Yeah, I think Shannon here does, in fact, care about people. But I also believe her way of going about helping is ill-informed and ignorant, not to mention at least slightly money driven. Because you know she’s getting her pockets lined for this garbage.

If you want to help people – and I mean, really help stop this sort of thing – stop pushing for laws and such that have time and again been proven to help no one. Stop trying to take away any means people have of defending themselves. Guns. Tasers. Pepper spray. Knives. All have come under fire by people like her, and there is no attention given to the fact that the lives of your average citizen are just as important as the criminals you want to save.

After Orlando, I got my name and information publicly posted as someone willing to help members of the LGBT community learn to shoot. Do you know why? Because I don’t want to see anyone else made a sitting duck. I want you to be able to defend yourself and save your own life should it come down to that. I don’t want my fellow countrymen sitting in a corner crying and begging for their lives while they wait for armed response from the outside. I don’t want to see my fellow countrymen removed from places in body bags when they could have fought back if only they had the means.

I don’t believe more gun control is the way to save lives. I do think it is high time we enforce the laws already on the books. And I believe it is high time that our politicians learn what those laws are so that we don’t get beat over the head about “not supporting” a new law that is actually already a law. I don’t believe accusing the NRA of being a terrorist group is going to save lives, either, especially when you consider that a large portion of the American public is the NRA. Demonizing each other isn’t going to save a single life.

Republican State Sen. Pushing Gun Confiscation Law in Oregon


According to Oregon Live, Boquist’s bill “would enable immediate family members to obtain a court order to prevent a person showing signs of wanting to commit suicide or hurt others from obtaining a gun for a year.” It would also require the person to surrender all guns in their possession once the order was issued.

Gun rights supporters filed into the state capitol Monday to denounce Boquist’s push as a violation of constitutional rights. Boquist responded by waving a small, book-sized copy of the constitution and saying, “It’s easy to wave your book around.” Boquist then suggested his legislation–Senate Bill 868–is constitutional. He said, “When the Supreme Court and other people say it’s constitutional, that’s the law of the land.”

It is important to note that Boquist’s bill allows for ex parte hearings for gun confiscation. In such cases, the petitioner would ask for a confiscation order and that order could be issued without the gun owner being present. The bill says the subject of the order “[has] the right to request one hearing to terminate [the] order during the 12 months that [the] order is in effect starting from the date of [the] order.”

Keely Hopkins works with the NRA and explained that Boquist’s bill is yet another piece of legislation that violates the due process rights of Americans. Hopkins said, “This bill allows for a protective order to remove your Second Amendment rights, not because of a criminal conviction, but based on third-party allegations using an evidentiary standard that falls far below what’s normally required for the removing of fundamental rights.”

Full article: Republican State Sen. Pushing Gun Confiscation Law in Oregon – Breitbart

Chicago PD Releases Picture Of Guns They’ve Seized. There’s Just One Problem


Source: Chicago PD Releases Picture Of Guns They’ve Seized. There’s Just One Problem

Uh… I’m your huckleberry. LOL!


So now you consider that a gun, huh?

In case you don’t see the humor or get the two things I just posted, the guns pictured… the little one is the world’s least effective caliber, the .25. The one above it is a replica black powder revolver. Yes, it most likely shoots. No, your average thug probably doesn’t know how to load it (I’ll be honest, I’m an avid fan of firearms, have tons of training, and have trained others, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to properly load that myself. I’ve seen them fired… lots of bang and smoke). Especially if he’s using all those drugs. Yes, your average thug would also probably remove most of his own fingers with it instead of hurting someone else. Especially if he’s using all those drugs.

Also, I’m not sure the black powder revolver is even covered under current gun laws. I might be wrong, I’m a little out of date. But most black powder stuff like that at least used to not be.

I love it when they show gun buy back photos and gun confiscations. It’s usually the most bizarre stuff they find.


A&E releases show about how assault weapons saved Koreatown


April 30th will mark the 25th anniversary of the L.A. riots that devastated large parts of the city after the Rodney King trials.

For five days rioters destroyed or severely damaged 3,767 buildings and killed more than 50 people. However, a story that has been overlooked is how the neighborhood of Koreatown survived throughout the turmoil until now.

A&E announced on Sunday that they plan to release a television special about how the government abandoned the residents of Koreatown. They were left with only their semi-automatic weapons to defend themselves and their property.

It’s about time someone focused on lives saved using guns.

But we’re also going to be consistent… the assault weapons didn’t save these people. The people who owned and used them saved themselves. Give credit where it is due, these folks are amazing.

Gabby Giffords: Murder-Suicide at Elementary School Proves CA Gun Control Insufficient

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Gun control proponent Gabby Giffords responded to the April 10 alleged murder-suicide at North Park Elementary in California by lamenting current levels of gun control and wishing more could be passed.

California is a state with universal background checks, gun registration laws, an “assault weapons” ban, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, gun confiscation laws based on mental health records, Gun Violence Restraining Orders, a ban on “high-capacity” magazines, a “good cause” requirement for issuance of concealed carry permits, and myriad other gun controls.

Far from proving one more gun control is needed, the heinous murder-suicide — that also cost an 8-year-old child his life — is actually more proof that gun control empowers evil people while putting law-abiding citizens at a marked disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Yahoo News quoted Giffords’ framing the murder-suicide as a “mass shooting” and also quoted her saying, “We can no longer call events like this ‘unimaginable,’ because they happen with alarming frequency. It’s time that all Americans have the courage to truly fight this crisis by standing up and demanding the smart gun laws we know save lives.”

What are these “smart gun laws?” Would they include a ban on semiautomatic handguns? Well, that would not have helped because the North Park Elementary School shooter allegedly used a revolver.

Full article: Gabby Giffords: Murder-Suicide at Elementary School Proves CA Gun Control Insufficient – Breitbart

This is why I never give any attention to new gun control. I scoff at so called “common sense gun control” that is pushed by the left. And my reason is almost always the same… it is never enough. No gun control law will ever be enough.

Once the left has a victory, it doesn’t slow them down. They don’t sit back and congratulate themselves on getting a gun control measure passed. They immediately move on to the next gun control measure and make that the next “common sense gun control” measure and tell us we need to give a little, as if we hadn’t just done that. If, by some fluke, they had the 2nd amendment stricken from the Bill of Rights and every last gun in the USA was confiscated and destroyed… they’d move on to knife control. This is a never ending cycle that will never, ever slow down. Which is why we need to keep saying no. We’ve given enough.

Hawaii Was the Only State Not to Issue a Single Gun-Carry Permit in 2016

Holstered handgun / AP

Documents submitted by county police to the state’s Department of the Attorney General show that every application by a private citizen for a concealed-carry permit was denied in 2016. That makes Hawaii the only state in the country not to issue even a single concealed-carry permit last year.

“All other states have issued permits,” said Dr. John Lott Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center, which tracks the number of gun-carry permits across the country. “The next lowest state is New Jersey with about 1,200 permits, but half of those are issued to judges and retired police officers. Even D.C. last year had 74 permits for civilians being able to carry.”

Since the Hawaii concealed-carry permit is only valid for one year, Hawaii was also the only state in the country not to have any active concealed-carry permits issued to private citizens. Hawaii’s concealed-carry law requires that only in “an exceptional case” where somebody can show “reason to fear injury to the applicant’s person or property” may a county police chief issue a permit. Unlike in most of the country, however, the county police chiefs have the ultimate authority over who does and does not get a permit.

According to the Department of the Attorney General’s 2015 Firearms Registration report, Hawaii County did not issue a single concealed-carry permit to a private citizen from 2000 through at least 2014—a not unusual practice in Hawaii. “Statewide, there have been a couple/few over the years,” Paul Perrone, Hawaii’s chief of research and statistics, told the Free Beacon.

Full article: Hawaii Was the Only State Not to Issue a Single Gun-Carry Permit in 2016

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