Democratic Rep. Val Demings Tells Facebook Commenter: ‘My First Amendment Right Is Different From Yours’

When a commenter asked Demings if they ever found her stolen handgun and suggested that she be more responsible with her own firearms before talking about gun control for others, Demings offered a peculiar reply:

Screenshot via Facebook

It’s unclear exactly what Demings meant when she said “My First Amendment right is different from yours.” Regardless, several Facebook users responded to her comment:

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

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Yeah, I’m with Michael Louis Greenstein on this… how, exactly, are her 1st amendment rights “different” than mine or anyone else’s? Does she think she has a right to more 1st amendment rights? Does she think she gets to decide what is covered by the 1st amendment and what is not? Does she think it only applies to lefties? Most likely the last one there, because the lefties lately seem to believe they are allowed to say whatever they want, but if you disagree with them you can’t speak.


Report: Permit Holders Are Most Law-Abiding Demographic

The Daily Caller

The report, titled, “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across The United States 2016,” compared permit holders to the general population and then to police officers in Florida and Texas, two states which largely mirror the rest of the country.

The data revealed that from 2005 to 2007, “there were 103 crimes per 100,000 police officers,” while the U.S. population’s crime rate is 37 times that number.

Permit holders are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors at less than a sixth of the rate of police officers, according to the study. Officers also commit firearm violations, 16.5 per 100,000, seven times more frequently than permit holders, at only 2.4 per 100,000 in Texas and Florida.

The report also shows that crime declined in states that do not require permits to carry. It reads, “Indeed, the murder rate was 31 percent lower in the states not requiring permits. The violent crime rate was 28 percent lower.” Currently, several groups, such as Everytown for Gun Safety and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, are targeting concealed-carry laws as a part of broader gun control measures.

Full article: Report: Permit Holders Are Most Law-Abiding Demographic | The Daily Caller

So, wait… you mean, we aren’t the boogie men that the left has tried to paint us as?!

President Trump Full Speech at the NRA Leadership Forum 4/28/17

Judge Confirms NJ Stun Gun Ban Violates 2nd Amendment, Orders Enforcement Halt

The court order comes on the heels of a consent order proposed by Porrino, a breaking development reported exclusively on April12 by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

“Pursuant to the holdings in HellerMcDonald and Caetano, N.J. Stat. Ann. § 2C:39-3(h), to the extent this statute outright prohibits, under criminal penalty, individuals from possessing electronic arms, is declared unconstitutional in that it violates the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and shall not be enforced,” the consent order admitted.

Judge Shipp agreed, and issued Tuesday’s court order to include:

  • “The Second Amendment guarantees individuals a fundamental right to keep and bear arms for self-defense … Further, ‘the Second Amendment extends prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.’”
  • “[The New Jersey statute] is declared unconstitutional in that it violates the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and shall not be enforced.”
  • “[The New Jersey statute] shall not be enforced to the extent this statute prohibits, under criminal penalty, the sale or shipment of Tasers or other electronic arms…”
  • “[A]ny and all proceedings in this matter are hereby stayed for a period of 180 days until such time that any necessary revisions to existing controlling legal authorities may be implemented…”

Full article: Judge Confirms NJ Stun Gun Ban Violates 2nd Amendment, Orders Enforcement Halt

This, not long after another judge decided the AR-15 wasn’t a protected gun. Our legal system needs to get it’s junk together. As far as I see it, they are all covered and these rulings need to be uniform.

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NC Tries to Repeal Stand Your Ground… Require Insurance… Ban Standard Capacity Magazines

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Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Caring Americans’ Support Gun Control

Oh good. They’re parading this woman out again. I thought she’d fallen off the planet or something.

Watts said:

Mark Wilson/Getty

Make no mistake, there is a life or death battle for gun safety going on in this country. It is caring Americans versus the gun lobby and the gun lobby has a 30-year head start.

You know, that horrific day at Virginia Tech, there were so many heroes. And we’re not asking everyone to be a hero in this country, we’re just asking them not to be silent. There are 90 percent of us who actually support things like stronger gun laws, and we have something we didn’t have 30 years ago–we have an army of caring Americans fighting for stronger gun laws in state houses and board rooms. And we need everyone watching right now to join that fight, because it is a battle in state houses across the country.

Full article: Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Caring Americans’ Support Gun Control – Breitbart

Amazing. Don’t you just love being accused of being something horrible simply because you don’t agree with her stance? I don’t know about you, but I care a lot. About everyone.

I can also make that claim without claiming that she doesn’t. Yeah, I think Shannon here does, in fact, care about people. But I also believe her way of going about helping is ill-informed and ignorant, not to mention at least slightly money driven. Because you know she’s getting her pockets lined for this garbage.

If you want to help people – and I mean, really help stop this sort of thing – stop pushing for laws and such that have time and again been proven to help no one. Stop trying to take away any means people have of defending themselves. Guns. Tasers. Pepper spray. Knives. All have come under fire by people like her, and there is no attention given to the fact that the lives of your average citizen are just as important as the criminals you want to save.

After Orlando, I got my name and information publicly posted as someone willing to help members of the LGBT community learn to shoot. Do you know why? Because I don’t want to see anyone else made a sitting duck. I want you to be able to defend yourself and save your own life should it come down to that. I don’t want my fellow countrymen sitting in a corner crying and begging for their lives while they wait for armed response from the outside. I don’t want to see my fellow countrymen removed from places in body bags when they could have fought back if only they had the means.

I don’t believe more gun control is the way to save lives. I do think it is high time we enforce the laws already on the books. And I believe it is high time that our politicians learn what those laws are so that we don’t get beat over the head about “not supporting” a new law that is actually already a law. I don’t believe accusing the NRA of being a terrorist group is going to save lives, either, especially when you consider that a large portion of the American public is the NRA. Demonizing each other isn’t going to save a single life.

Republican State Sen. Pushing Gun Confiscation Law in Oregon


According to Oregon Live, Boquist’s bill “would enable immediate family members to obtain a court order to prevent a person showing signs of wanting to commit suicide or hurt others from obtaining a gun for a year.” It would also require the person to surrender all guns in their possession once the order was issued.

Gun rights supporters filed into the state capitol Monday to denounce Boquist’s push as a violation of constitutional rights. Boquist responded by waving a small, book-sized copy of the constitution and saying, “It’s easy to wave your book around.” Boquist then suggested his legislation–Senate Bill 868–is constitutional. He said, “When the Supreme Court and other people say it’s constitutional, that’s the law of the land.”

It is important to note that Boquist’s bill allows for ex parte hearings for gun confiscation. In such cases, the petitioner would ask for a confiscation order and that order could be issued without the gun owner being present. The bill says the subject of the order “[has] the right to request one hearing to terminate [the] order during the 12 months that [the] order is in effect starting from the date of [the] order.”

Keely Hopkins works with the NRA and explained that Boquist’s bill is yet another piece of legislation that violates the due process rights of Americans. Hopkins said, “This bill allows for a protective order to remove your Second Amendment rights, not because of a criminal conviction, but based on third-party allegations using an evidentiary standard that falls far below what’s normally required for the removing of fundamental rights.”

Full article: Republican State Sen. Pushing Gun Confiscation Law in Oregon – Breitbart

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