Trump Team Met With Lawyer Linked to Kremlin During Campaign

Two weeks after Donald J. Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination last year, his eldest son arranged a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan with a Russian lawyer who has connections to the Kremlin, according to confidential government records described to The New York Times.

The previously unreported meeting was also attended by Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman at the time, Paul J. Manafort, as well as the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to interviews and the documents, which were outlined by people familiar with them.

While President Trump has been dogged by revelations of undisclosed meetings between his associates and Russians, this episode at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016, is the first confirmed private meeting between a Russian national and members of Mr. Trump’s inner circle during the campaign. It is also the first time that his son Donald Trump Jr. is known to have been involved in such a meeting.

Representatives of Donald Trump Jr. and Mr. Kushner confirmed the meeting after The Times approached them with information about it. In a statement, Donald Jr. described the meeting as primarily about an adoption program. The statement did not address whether the presidential campaign was discussed.

Flag Peeing and 1st Amendment Rights: Should This be Legal?

Not a YouTube fan? Watch it here:

USA Today Posts Highly Misleading Article Title About SCOTUS Re-Opening Gay Marriage Debate

Wow, USA Today!


That isn’t what the case is about at all!

If you don’t know, SCOTUS agreed to hear a case about the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The case is not reopening the debate over gay marriage. The case is actually about whether or not someone can use a religious objection as a reason to not participate in or serve a couple who is doing something against their religion.

I don’t have an issue with gay marriage, personally; we’ve talked about this before. But in many religions, a wedding between two people of the same sex is not allowed to be done or participated in (and no, it is not only the Christian faith). And by baking a cake for a gay wedding, they would, in fact, be participating in furthering the action.

That is what the court is going to be hearing and discussing. It is a religious rights case more than a gay marriage case. Whether or not gay marriage should be allowed is not in question.

The media is doing this sort of thing more and more. It is, of course, our online clickbait culture that is playing a huge roll in it. You are more likely to click on the article if you think the right for gays to marry is going to be debated again and possibly revoked than you would if you see something about a baker not wanting to bake their wedding cake.

But it doesn’t make it right. This was a misleading headline that was tweeted out to their followers and fed into their own fears (their readership is largely liberal, and a good portion of liberals believe the right to gay marriage is in imminent danger). What it actually does is lower the credibility of USA Today and puts them in the category of outlets like Buzzfeed… which is a joke.

And then they can’t understand why people are constantly yelling “fake news,” claiming to not trust the media, or searching out alternative sources for news. This, media. This is why. Your advertisers aren’t going to go away if you post truthful headlines. People will still read the stories and see those advertisers. Maybe more so. I promise.

Top Execs to Review All Russia Stories After Very Fake News Retraction

BuzzFeed’s Deputy News Director Jon Passantino tweeted a screenshot of a leaked internal memo from Barbieri to CNN staff instructing them that all future Russia-related stories must be cleared by him or the VP of Premium Content Video, Jason Farkas. The email, which was sent at 11:21 AM on Saturday, reads, “No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas].” The memo continues, “This applied to social, video, editorial, and MoneyStream. No exceptions. I will lay out a workflow Monday.”

Full article: Top Execs to Review All Russia Stories After Very Fake News Retraction

Breitbart caused that. Good on you, Breitbart!

The FBI’s Briefing On GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn’t Be More Bizarre

Well, the takeaway of the briefing was characterized well by the Associated Press headline about it: “FBI: Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind.” The Associated Press reported the FBI:

  • believes the gunman “had no concrete plan to inflict violence” against Republicans,
  • “had not yet clarified who, if anyone, he planned to target, or why,”
  • believes he may have just “happened upon” the baseball game the morning of June 14, and that the attack appeared “spontaneous,”
  • are unclear on the “context” of Hodgkinson’s note with six names of members of Congress,
  • does not believe that photographs of the baseball field or other sites “represented surveillance of intended targets,” and
  • “painted a picture of a down-on-his-luck man with few future prospects.”

In fact, USA Today went with “FBI offers portrait of troubled Alexandria shooter with ‘anger management problem’” for their headline, since that’s what the FBI emphasized in the briefing.

Full article: The FBI’s Briefing On GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn’t Be More Bizarre

If you have a moment, read the above full article. This was really, really bizarre. And completely unacceptable.

London Mosque Attacker: ‘I Want to Kill All Muslims’

Residents near the Finsbury Park Mosque early Monday after a van swerved into people leaving the mosque shortly after midnight, killing one person. (Tolga AKMEN/AFP)

Amin said that when people seized the driver, “he was shouting: ‘All Muslims, I want to kill all Muslims.’ Literally, he said that. Word by word.”

Police said that one man had been arrested at the scene and that no further suspects had been identified.

“People now have a big question about safety in London after all these terrorist attacks, and we want to assure them that they are safe, and that’s why we want to work with the police,” Kozbar said.

“People feel unsafe because after the terrorist attacks of London, Manchester, the increase of Islamophobia and hate crimes,” he added. “This is very worrying to the Muslim community.”

Full article: London Mosque Attacker: ‘I Want to Kill All Muslims’ |

So this happened last night, as you probably already know. And I want to say something about it.

I am glad they are treating this as terrorism. I’m sorry, I am. If you want to fight Islamic extremism, don’t do it by becoming it. And if the quote above is true, if this guy did it because he wants to “kill all Muslims,” then he has stooped to the level as an Islamic extremist and should be handled the same.

However, I also don’t think people feel unsafe because of Islamaphobia alone. I’m sure the Muslim community fears it, and I am sorry for them. But it isn’t the only reason people feel unsafe. There have been several attacks over there recently, and the vast majority were carried out by Islamic extremists.

If the quote is true, I get that the guy is frustrated watching his fellow countrymen get cut down by terrorism. I get that he’s tired of nobody really doing anything because they are too politically correct to do so. Really, I get that. But I can’t agree with it.

Look, a lot of you already know that I cannot blame all Muslims for these terror attacks. I just can’t. Every time I start to think that way, my friend pops into my head and I can’t. I have mentioned my Iraqi friend here before. He came to the USA with his wife and children after he personally came under attack in Iraq because he spent years working with US troops as an interpreter. And he is very proud of the work that he did with them, saying that he felt he was doing the right thing for his home country that he now can’t really go back to. And he speaks highly of our troops, calling them his brothers and sisters. He and I have spoken about religion in the past, and he admitted to me that he was freaked out by the fact that I, as a woman, dress the way I do. Now, by our Western standards, I am a very modest dresser. I wear shorts that reach my knee and I don’t even wear sleeveless shirts. But he told me I wasn’t modest enough for him… but he understands my culture. And, really… the man spent time alone with me, which is also unusual. He never mentioned that and was obviously not bothered by it. He treated me like his equal in every single way. He even acted as my tutor. Hell, the dude would sit with me while I ate dinner even if I was eating pork! He looked like he wanted to be sick, but he did it.

So I can’t say “all Muslims,” because I know at least one who wouldn’t.

This isn’t the way to handle it. Things need to change in Europe. I am sorry for the people of England. Those folks can’t catch a damn break, and I find myself shedding more tears for them than I should have to. I don’t agree with the dispersal of refugees over there, it needs to be done better, they need to find a way to vet these people better, and they need to start accepting and admitting that Islamic terrorism is a thing. Islamic extremists do exist. Saying they exist is not the same as saying “all Muslims.” Saying we need to fight Islamic extremism is not the same as saying, “kill all Muslims.” Saying the words “Islamic extremism” is not Islamaphobic. We need to do away with PC culture and start taking care of our own. England, the English people should always come first. Your citizens – whether they were born into citizenship or became citizens after leaving another country – are always more important. Admitting that all groups – from chess clubs to religions like Islam – have extremists is important. It doesn’t go away by ignoring that. Saying “not all Muslims” is great, but it doesn’t stop the faction of Muslims that do believe this way.

So I’m begging your country as much as I am begging my own…. stop with the PC culture, stop being afraid to offend people, and do something about this. Because Islamic extremism won’t be stopped by it, and the crazy in your own ranks won’t be stopped by it, either.

While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

From Free Beacon:

Despite House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) being in critical condition after an attempted assassination, liberal website Fusion denounced him on Thursday as a “bigoted homophobe.”

“Bigoted Homophobe Steve Scalise’s Life Was Saved by a Queer Black Woman,” read the headline from Fusion, which is owned by Univision.

And there was this lovely piece within the article itself.

So it is a point of especially delicious irony that Scalise, who survived the attack (and is reportedly in critical condition), may owe his life to a queer black woman.

Full article: While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

Who. Cares?!

I’m sorry. But who gives a crap what race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. this woman is? Especially when terms like “racist” and “homophobe” have been used incorrectly for so long that they no longer have a meaning. When everything is racist, no one knows what racism is anymore.

And no one on Earth knows what the term “queer” means anymore. I thought it was a slur, but apparently it’s used in the LGBTQFRTOGJZITAGTEDCHRARYGUVBLSYPOQWE acronym now. So… not a slur anymore?

You know what I care about? She’s a hero and a great American. Nothing else really matters to anyone other than the author of this article that the clip came from. I can promise you, Scalise and his family don’t care about anything other than that, either, especially since he isn’t as racist as this person thinks he is… because no one on Earth as is as racist as this person thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

After this shooting, photographs started being released of the heroes of this event, which I thought was great. We need to spend more time focused on the heroes in these situations, and we normally don’t. No one pointed out her race or gender, and this is honestly the first time I’ve heard her described as “queer.” And I honestly don’t give a crap that she’s anything other than a hero. Period. Good on her for being a great American, and thank you to everyone talking about her and the others for highlighting them as the heroes they are.

Black? Female? “Queer?” Honestly, no one cares. As it should be.