‘The Shove Felt ‘Round the World’: The Media Lose It After Trump Shows NATO He’s ‘America First’

‘The Shove Felt ‘Round the World’: The Media Lose It After Trump Shows NATO He’s ‘America First’

I swear, this country sometimes. Apparently, everyone is offended by Trump “shoving” this dude. If you saw my last Weekly Funny post here, you know how I felt about it.

Folks, lighten up! I know, I know… he “shoved” someone you suddenly deem important even though you probably didn’t know his name until you decided to be outraged.

In the meantime, I’m over here like (Language warning):

I’m sorry, the clip was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!!!!!! He pushes that guy aside and then just look at him!!!! How can you not at least chuckle?! I’m over here putting music behind it like it’s going out of style because it makes me laugh harder, and you’re getting outraged. Please.

This man gets it:


Gavin McInnes: England’s class system & the Manchester attack

Check out the SAS guy’s face around the 7:40 mark. That’s what my face looks like right now.

Ya know why this isn’t going to stop anytime soon?

Your Weekly Funny: Move! Get Out the Way!

OK. Look. Normally, when I type “LOL” online, like everyone else, I probably didn’t actually laugh out loud. This time, I did. Both of these, no matter how many times I see them, I laugh out loud.

I took some liberties with this first one, language warning for the added music. But the music had to be there.

And this one…. shade is thrown…. a shoulder is thrown out in response. (I don’t know who the voices belong to, sorry)


TERRIFYING fact emerges about Manchester bomber

… according to the Daily Mail, ‘one of the caliphate’s soldiers placed bombs within a gathering of the Crusaders’. There are unconfirmed reports this afternoon that the terrorist was British.

Officers are combing CCTV to determine whether the attacker carried out a ‘recce’ of the arena before detonating a nail bomb as thousands were leaving the concert at 10.30pm.

Forensic and bomb squad officers are studying the remains of the device recovered so far but initial indications are that the bombmaker had used a ‘level of sophistication’ suggesting he had received training and not made it from ‘a terror recipe’ on the Internet.

One security source told MailOnline: ‘It is unlikely that if the device was sophisticated that the suicide bomber made it – experience shows that organizations are reluctant to “waste” the expertise of a bombmaker in an attack, preferring to keep him or her for another attack.

‘It is therefore highly likely that this terrorist is part of a cell or had a support network and they are the priority.

Full artic: TERRIFYING fact emerges about Manchester bomber – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

For God’s sake, these were kids at a concert, not “crusaders.”

More: BBC Host: Europe Has To Get Used To This – Fact: they need to get rid of it, not get used to it. Why should they just get used it? That’s called surrender.

MSNBC’s Hayes Tries to Invoke Politics in Manchester Bombing; Correspondent Wasn’t Having It

Leftists Bemoan ‘Islamophobia’ Backlash on Social Media Following Manchester Terrorist Attack


There Aren’t Enough Prayers

I don’t even know what to say. This is devastating, and this video… I recommend it, but it’s tough to watch. The guy Tucker is talking to is torn up bad, as you can imagine.

As the title says, there aren’t enough prayers. This crap has to stop.

All the Stuff About Trump Leaking Classified Data to the Russians… Because Russians

McMaster Denies Washington Post Report On Trump | The Daily Caller

McMaster Denies Allegations That Trump Leaked Classified Information To The Russians … Or Did He?

Trump Shared Secret Info About ISIS with Russians

‘It didn’t happen’: H.R. McMaster calls WaPo’s Trump report ‘false’

The White House Responds to WaPo Report Trump Revealed Classified Info to Russians

McMaster On WaPo Hit Piece: “At No Time Were Intelligence Source, Methods Discussed”

White House Denies President Trump Shared Classified Info With Russians

Trump: I have ‘absolute right’ to share facts with Russia

Wow, so there you go. Just a small selection of articles for you to read through, which should leave you sufficiently scratching your head!

But the question remains… did he?

It sounds to me like there may have been some information that was at least bordering of classified that passed over to the Russians. It does sound like nothing super critical was given to them. Somewhere between “he leaked classified info” and “it didn’t happen” there is truth.

Personally, I think Trump is trying to create some kind of relationship that isn’t bordering on cold war status with the Russians, and for whatever reason the left is just itching to get into a fight with Russia. Obviously, Trump has to mind his mouth. But it doesn’t seem to me that anything he could have said in that meetings was deeply damaging or would cause any real issue in the fight against terror or the relations between the US and Russia.

It isn’t the first time classified info was leaked, because we know Hillary, Obama, and Biden have all been guilty of it. But this is Trump, so it is obviously far worse. And if the people who were trying to bait me on Twitter last night are any indication, we should be hearing about this until the day we all die.

What’s Wrong with Nancy? Pelosi Gives Bizarre Speech in Northern India, Calls China ‘Tina’

pelosi-flying-monkeys“So I understand that this beautiful song about His Holiness’s 80th birthday is a wish that he lives to be 113 years old. I am sure that we all associate ourselves with that remark and I know it’s good news to the government of Beijing,” she joked with the audience, many of whom looked confused by the remarks.

“When we were in Tibet they said to us ‘We support religion, we gilded the roof of the temple. We gilded… we painted the roof of the temple. We gilded the roof.’ We said back to them, ‘We’re not interested in what your gilding the roof, we’re interested in that you’re guarding the minds of the children, and we’re interested in freedom of education, of culture, of religion in Tibet; not painting the roof of the temple.’”

Full article: What’s Wrong with Nancy? Pelosi Gives Bizarre Speech in Northern India, Calls China ‘Tina’ | The Sean Hannity Show

Hey, Nancy? You alright, lady? Gettin’ a little worried there. It’s hard to laugh at someone who is clearly sliding down off the deep end. I mean… we’ll still do it, but we might feel bad about it for a few seconds. Maybe. Probably not.

But still. Maybe take some vitamins? Do some crossword puzzles, strengthen your mind a little? My mom swears by the crossword puzzles and she’s sharp as a tack. You may want to give that a go.