San Francisco will pay $190K to an illegal immigrant following wrongful detainment

The City of San Francisco and its taxpayers will have to pay out $190,000 to an undocumented immigrant after the city wrongfully detained him and called immigration on him, according to reports.

Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, a 33-year-old man from El Salvador, sued the city in January after the police department reported him to immigration in December 2015. The $190,000 payout is the result of a settlement.

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Seriously, why is this allowed to happen? He was “wrongfully detained?” He’s in this country illegally… he broke the law. There was nothing “wrongful” about detaining a captured criminal. And calling immigration is exactly what should have been done.

Maybe it’s time for Federal funding to be cut off or at least cut down, because this was an unlawful waste of tax payer dollars to pay off a criminal who was angry about being detained.


Supreme Court Limits Government’s Ability To Revoke Citizenship

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday to limit the government’s ability to strip U.S. citizenship from legal immigrants for lying on their naturalization applications.

The Court said that naturalized immigrants cannot lose their citizenship for making false statements that are irrelevant to an immigration official’s decision to grant it. Instead, a jury must decide if such false statements would have influenced the decision.

“When the illegal act is a false statement, that means demonstrating that the defendant lied about the facts that would have mattered to an immigration official, because they would have justified denying naturalization or would predictably have led to other facts warranting that result,” Justice Elena Kagan wrote in the ruling opinion.

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Trump has granted amnesty to 125k illegals under Obama’s unconstitutional order


While much of the conservative media is consumed with Comey and Russia, they are missing the irony of defending an administration without even securing some key policy outcomes. The latest betrayal to the Right is the confirmation that Trump’s DHS has issued almost 125,000 “DACA” cards (per Obama’s unlawful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order) to illegal aliens through the second quarter of this fiscal year (January through March).

According to newly published data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Trump administration has issued 17,275 initial amnesty cards and over 107,500 renewals of existing status.

This surpasses the 122,000 level of amnesty cards issued during the final quarter of Obama’s presidency (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2016), which means the Trump administration is not even slowing down the pace! And although the first 20 days of this quarter were still under Obama’s tenure, the Trump amnesty is likely close to 200,000 by now, when extrapolating in the number of presumed cards issued during April and May.

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Is that what happened to that wall, Mr. President? This is not what you were elected for.

ACLU Issues ‘Travel Alert’ for Texas after Sanctuary City Ban

The press release obtained by Breitbart Texas from the ACLU states:

Image: Twitter/@ACLU

“The ACLU’s goal is to protect all Texans and all people traveling through Texas — regardless of their immigration status — from illegal harassment by law enforcement,” said Lorella Praeli, ACLU director of immigration policy and campaigns. “Texas is a state with deep Mexican roots and home to immigrants from all walks of life. Many of us fit the racial profile that the police in Texas will use to enforce Trump’s draconian deportation force.”

“We plan to fight this racist and wrongheaded law in the courts and in the streets. Until we defeat it, everyone traveling in or to Texas needs to be aware of what’s in store for them,” said Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas. “The Lone Star State will become a ‘show me your papers’ state, where every interaction with law enforcement can become a citizenship interrogation and potentially an illegal arrest.”

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Warning, travelers headed to Texas! You might be forced to follow actual laws! You may be expected to show proof that you didn’t enter the United States illegally! You may be subjected to the realization that Texas values law followers over law breakers! You me be subjected to realizing that no one gives a crap about your feelings!

Dianne Feinstein Worries That Trump Is Criminalizing Illegal Alien Criminals


“@TheJusticeDept should not shift its limited resources to criminalizing undocumented immigrants,” tweeted Feinstein.

Source: Dianne Feinstein Worries That Trump Is Criminalizing Illegal Alien Criminals

If this isn’t added to your list of why our politicians have no idea what is going on in the real world, then you aren’t paying attention. I don’t think this woman even read this tweet over before she hit send. It’s so… yeah, it’s so her.

Basically, she doesn’t know our laws and she just admitted it. The whole issue with these folks is not that they came here… it’s that they came here without getting the proper documentation, background checks, etc. Which means… they did it illegally. Illegal usually means a law – or several – were broken. And when you break a law, what are you? A criminal!

You can’t criminalize something that is already a crime.

Either way, her and those like her don’t actually give a crap about these people. They want them voting and that’s it. There are so many arguments about why illegal immigration is bad for the country and the illegal immigrant, and they don’t care. Because that matters to them is the vote. And she’ll get the bonus of the hippie vote from fellow Americans who think there is something moral in just letting everyone in without any background checks or anything like that without any grasp of consequences to the illegal immigrant or our country/countrymen.

GOP Leaders Dropping Border Wall Funds, Says Report

Source: Breitbart


House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

“We recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Hurd and McSally wrote to the Trump administration in a letter, according to The Hill. “We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Establishment Republicans in the Senate, like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), are also teaming with Democrats to stop the border wall, with McCain worrying more about the sentiment that Mexicans have towards America.

“There is a lot of anti-American sentiment in Mexico,” McCain said during a Senate hearing with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly. “If the election were tomorrow in Mexico, you’d probably have a left-wing, anti-American president in Mexico. That can’t be good for America.”

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NYT: Mexico Owns California and Texas, Will Trade For Amnesty

Image: AP

MEXICO CITY — The United States invasion of Mexico in 1846 inflicted a painful wound that, in the 170 years that followed, turned into a scar. Donald Trump has torn it open again…

… some Mexicans are proposing to remind Mr. Trump exactly what country was the first victim of American imperialism. They are calling for a lawsuit that would aim to nullify the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (signed on Feb. 2, 1848), in which Mexico — invaded by American soldiers, its capital occupied, its ports and customs stations seized — was forced to accept the American annexation of Texas and concede more than half the rest of Mexican territory, now including most of the states of Arizona, New Mexico and California…

For us Mexicans, this is the chance for a kind of reconquest. Surely not the physical reconquest of the territories that once were ours. Nor an indemnification that should have been much greater than the feeble amount of $15 million that the American government paid, in installments, for the stolen land. We need a reconquest of the memory of that war so prodigal in atrocities inspired by racial prejudices and greed for territorial gain.

But the best and most just reparation would be American immigration reform that could open the road to citizenship for the descendants of those Mexicans who suffered the unjust loss of half their territory.

The entire article is here.

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