Cosmo Releases List Of Women Who Could Be President – Notice Anything STRANGE?


Source: Cosmo Releases List Of Women Who Could Be President – Notice Anything STRANGE?

There’s nothing strange about it. The media has a liberal bias, everyone knows that. To top it off, the box they have created for women is one of being very liberal. So, of course, the only valid first female president would be a female because there is no such thing is a female on the right.

And aside from all of that is the desire for the left to “make history” above helping the country. I wouldn’t vote for any of those women. I don’t feel like having a president who decides I get my rights taken away for my own good. Or preached to about how privileged I am. Or told that I have to buy things that I don’t want and that doesn’t benefit me in any way. Or tells me that by the pure nature of me being female, I am automatically a victim. Or tells me they believe in freedom of speech or gun rights or economic freedom “but….” Oprah would remind us all daily about how racist we all are, so we can expect further division. Well, to be fair to Oprah… every single one of these women would work hard at further division in the USA.

No thanks. I’ll take a hard pass on all of them.

USA Today Posts Highly Misleading Article Title About SCOTUS Re-Opening Gay Marriage Debate

Wow, USA Today!


That isn’t what the case is about at all!

If you don’t know, SCOTUS agreed to hear a case about the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The case is not reopening the debate over gay marriage. The case is actually about whether or not someone can use a religious objection as a reason to not participate in or serve a couple who is doing something against their religion.

I don’t have an issue with gay marriage, personally; we’ve talked about this before. But in many religions, a wedding between two people of the same sex is not allowed to be done or participated in (and no, it is not only the Christian faith). And by baking a cake for a gay wedding, they would, in fact, be participating in furthering the action.

That is what the court is going to be hearing and discussing. It is a religious rights case more than a gay marriage case. Whether or not gay marriage should be allowed is not in question.

The media is doing this sort of thing more and more. It is, of course, our online clickbait culture that is playing a huge roll in it. You are more likely to click on the article if you think the right for gays to marry is going to be debated again and possibly revoked than you would if you see something about a baker not wanting to bake their wedding cake.

But it doesn’t make it right. This was a misleading headline that was tweeted out to their followers and fed into their own fears (their readership is largely liberal, and a good portion of liberals believe the right to gay marriage is in imminent danger). What it actually does is lower the credibility of USA Today and puts them in the category of outlets like Buzzfeed… which is a joke.

And then they can’t understand why people are constantly yelling “fake news,” claiming to not trust the media, or searching out alternative sources for news. This, media. This is why. Your advertisers aren’t going to go away if you post truthful headlines. People will still read the stories and see those advertisers. Maybe more so. I promise.

Top Execs to Review All Russia Stories After Very Fake News Retraction

BuzzFeed’s Deputy News Director Jon Passantino tweeted a screenshot of a leaked internal memo from Barbieri to CNN staff instructing them that all future Russia-related stories must be cleared by him or the VP of Premium Content Video, Jason Farkas. The email, which was sent at 11:21 AM on Saturday, reads, “No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas].” The memo continues, “This applied to social, video, editorial, and MoneyStream. No exceptions. I will lay out a workflow Monday.”

Full article: Top Execs to Review All Russia Stories After Very Fake News Retraction

Breitbart caused that. Good on you, Breitbart!

CNN Panel’s Reaction To Georgia’s Special Election Results: Priceless

Source: CNN Panel’s Reaction To Georgia’s Special Election Results: Priceless – Chicks On The Right

Aw. Those wittle sad faces look so familiar! We saw those little sad faces in November, too, didn’t we? Poor things.

They really need to work on that, because people like me really enjoy those sad faces.

Did I ever tell you guys my election night story when Trump won? If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. But these little sad faces made me think of it again, and it was such a nice evening.

I had decided to spend election night in Myrtle Beach. So I was heading up to my room for the first time and shared an elevator with a guy wearing a MAGA hat. I complimented his hat, of course, which got him all excited because I’m a youngish female who likes his Trump hat. We got to talking. And we saw each other several times after before election night.

So he eventually invited me to join him and his buddies at the hotel restaurant for election night. I declined, telling him I planned to spend election night with the TV off, sitting on the balcony of my room with a glass of wine, watching the ocean from 14 floors up. I wasn’t feeling real confident at this point, as I have stated before.

Election night rolls around, and sure enough, me and my glass of wine were on the balcony watching the ocean.

I have no idea what time it was when I saw someone running across the hotel’s patio toward the beach. All I could see was a flaming red hat. And I knew it was my new friend in the MAGA hat. He stops at the edge of the hotel patio, looking up towards the balconies, searching.

Then I hear my name being yelled. I stood up and looked towards the guy who is frantically waving his arms and yelling my name, asking if I’m out there.

“Yeah, I’m here!”




“OK! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

That sparked… a very, very long night.

There were two TVs in my room, one in the living area and one in the bedroom. I put the one in the living area to CNN and the one in the bedroom to Fox.

I watched CNN for a good long time, because it was so much fun watching them try to keep it together as Trump’s lead kept on growing. Their faces would light up when Hillary made some headway, and then sad clown faces took over when Trump picked up again.

Eventually, I turned CNN off, went to the bedroom, and fell asleep watching Fox. I woke up with the TV still on and me literally draped over the bed, hanging off the foot of it. The last time I’d looked at the clock it was 4AM. So I have no idea when I finally gave out and fell asleep like this.

Fox confirmed Trump had, in fact, won and I hadn’t been dreaming it. I immediately got up and went to the living area to put CNN back on, because I couldn’t get enough of those sad faces. Ate my cereal and drank liberal tears with the sound of the ocean behind me.

It was an unforgettable night.

So thank you, Georgia, for letting me live that again for a moment with more CNN sad clown faces.


While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

From Free Beacon:

Despite House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) being in critical condition after an attempted assassination, liberal website Fusion denounced him on Thursday as a “bigoted homophobe.”

“Bigoted Homophobe Steve Scalise’s Life Was Saved by a Queer Black Woman,” read the headline from Fusion, which is owned by Univision.

And there was this lovely piece within the article itself.

So it is a point of especially delicious irony that Scalise, who survived the attack (and is reportedly in critical condition), may owe his life to a queer black woman.

Full article: While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

Who. Cares?!

I’m sorry. But who gives a crap what race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. this woman is? Especially when terms like “racist” and “homophobe” have been used incorrectly for so long that they no longer have a meaning. When everything is racist, no one knows what racism is anymore.

And no one on Earth knows what the term “queer” means anymore. I thought it was a slur, but apparently it’s used in the LGBTQFRTOGJZITAGTEDCHRARYGUVBLSYPOQWE acronym now. So… not a slur anymore?

You know what I care about? She’s a hero and a great American. Nothing else really matters to anyone other than the author of this article that the clip came from. I can promise you, Scalise and his family don’t care about anything other than that, either, especially since he isn’t as racist as this person thinks he is… because no one on Earth as is as racist as this person thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

After this shooting, photographs started being released of the heroes of this event, which I thought was great. We need to spend more time focused on the heroes in these situations, and we normally don’t. No one pointed out her race or gender, and this is honestly the first time I’ve heard her described as “queer.” And I honestly don’t give a crap that she’s anything other than a hero. Period. Good on her for being a great American, and thank you to everyone talking about her and the others for highlighting them as the heroes they are.

Black? Female? “Queer?” Honestly, no one cares. As it should be.

What in the World is an Assault Pistol?!

Oh, my word.

Someone sent me this image:


Now, of course I laughed. But this is one of those “too juicy to be true” pieces that makes it into my inbox more times than I can count. So I wanted to verify that this was, in fact, a real headline.

Someone pass me the Excedrin, huh?

Not only was it a real headline, but check this out:


Screen capture from Yahoo! search as of 10:34 PM on 6/15/17

One guy says it and they all gotta say it! Trust me, this went all the way down the page, but I stopped here because you get the point.

So someone… what in the world is an assault pistol?! This is a new term to me!

CNN Ohio Voter Panel Shows Trump Support Still Strong, Disappointment in Comey

Source: Watch: CNN Ohio Voter Panel Shows Trump Support Still Strong, Disappointment in Comey – Breitbart

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