Justice Department Gives Up Washington Redskins Name Fight

… As the the Associated Press reports:

The Federalist Papers

The Justice Department is giving up the legal fight over the name of the Washington Redskins.

In a letter to a federal appeals court, the department said last week’s Supreme Court decision in Matal v. Tam in favor of an Asian-American band calling itself the Slants means the NFL team will prevail in a legal battle to cancel the team’s trademarks because the name is disparaging to Native Americans.

Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder said last week he was “thrilled” by the Supreme Court’s ruling, and lawyer Lisa Blatt said it resolves the team’s dispute and vindicated its position. Snyder has refused to change the name despite intense public pressure, saying in the past that the name “represents honor, respect and pride” for Native Americans.

Full article: Justice Department Gives Up Washington Redskins Name Fight


Tennessee’s Response to California’s Travel Ban


In case you are blind as a bat like I am, here’s the transcript of this:

State of Tennessee


By Senators Bell, Hensley, Ketron, Green, Beavers, Johnson, Niceley, Southerland, Jackson, Bowling, Gardenhire, Gresham, Stevens, Bailey


Representative Goins, Dunn, Rudd, Ragan

A RESOLUTION relative to state travel bans.

WHEREAS, California has passed legislation banning state-sponsored travel to Tennessee and certain other states; and

WHEREAS, the ban stens from legislation enacted by Tennessee that allows counselors to refer patients to other counselors who can better meet their goals, which California State Legislator has judged to be morally reprehensible; and

WHEREAS, California’s attempt to influence public policy in our state is akin to Tennessee expressing its disapproval of California’s exorbitant taxes, spiraling budget deficits, runaway social welfare programs, and rampant illegal immigration; and

WHEREAS, Tennessee is pleasantly surprised that California will not be sending its economic development teams to Tennessee to recruit our businesses, but we can still send our teams to recruit their businesses; and

WHEREAS, Tennessee is puzzled why California thinks it is a good idea to prohibit its state colleges and universities from participating in athletic competition in Tennessee (March Madness comes to Memphis this year via the South Regional), Kansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, this type of ban, the result of legitimate disagreements about government policy, is neither persuasive nor productive for either party and will lead to economic warfare among the states, as one sovereign entity attempts to tell an equally sovereign entity how to conduct its affairs by restricting travel thereto; and

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution provides for a strong federal government for the common defense, but the Tenth Amendment grants the several states sovereignty in addressing issues solely within their jurisdiction, and all states should respect this most basic precept of American government; and

WHEREAS, is states such as California persist in banning travel to certain other states as a punitive action for disagreeing with the policy of those states, the stated affected be these travel bans may be forced to take reciprocal action; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE ONE HUNDRED TENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, the we urge and encourage the Governor, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to communicate with fellow governors and legislative leaders and urge these state officials to refrain from imposing moral judgement on their sister states as California has done in order to prevent escalating foolishness.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a certified copy of this resolution be transmitted to the National Conference of State Legislators the Council of State Governments, and the American Legislative Exchange Council and that a certified copy of this resolution be sent electronically to each member of each state legislative body in the nation, so they may also consider taking action against this type of blackmail.

Tennessee Makes the First Amendment Legal Again


Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to this and this, Tennessee is the first state to reinstitute the 1st amendment as it was intended on college campuses!

The new law makes it illegal to shut down conservative speakers or cancel them because administrators don’t agree with them. They also cannot punish professors who speak of conservative topics as long as it is in line with the class subject. Free Speech Zones are no longer allowed, making the entire campus a free speech zone. It disallows viewpoint based discrimination for funds for student groups. And the legal definition of student-on-student harassment must be used instead of the one set up by liberal administrators.

The law also demands campuses use the actual legal definition of student-on-student “harassment” handed down by the Supreme Court, behavior “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive, and that so undermines and detracts from the victims’ educational experience, that the victim-students are effectively denied equal access to an institution’s resources and opportunities.”

H/T Breitbart

One down, 49 to go! Let’s make freedom legal again!

Read the text of the Campus Free Speech Protection Act.

London Mosque Attacker: ‘I Want to Kill All Muslims’

Residents near the Finsbury Park Mosque early Monday after a van swerved into people leaving the mosque shortly after midnight, killing one person. (Tolga AKMEN/AFP)

Amin said that when people seized the driver, “he was shouting: ‘All Muslims, I want to kill all Muslims.’ Literally, he said that. Word by word.”

Police said that one man had been arrested at the scene and that no further suspects had been identified.

“People now have a big question about safety in London after all these terrorist attacks, and we want to assure them that they are safe, and that’s why we want to work with the police,” Kozbar said.

“People feel unsafe because after the terrorist attacks of London, Manchester, the increase of Islamophobia and hate crimes,” he added. “This is very worrying to the Muslim community.”

Full article: London Mosque Attacker: ‘I Want to Kill All Muslims’ | Military.com

So this happened last night, as you probably already know. And I want to say something about it.

I am glad they are treating this as terrorism. I’m sorry, I am. If you want to fight Islamic extremism, don’t do it by becoming it. And if the quote above is true, if this guy did it because he wants to “kill all Muslims,” then he has stooped to the level as an Islamic extremist and should be handled the same.

However, I also don’t think people feel unsafe because of Islamaphobia alone. I’m sure the Muslim community fears it, and I am sorry for them. But it isn’t the only reason people feel unsafe. There have been several attacks over there recently, and the vast majority were carried out by Islamic extremists.

If the quote is true, I get that the guy is frustrated watching his fellow countrymen get cut down by terrorism. I get that he’s tired of nobody really doing anything because they are too politically correct to do so. Really, I get that. But I can’t agree with it.

Look, a lot of you already know that I cannot blame all Muslims for these terror attacks. I just can’t. Every time I start to think that way, my friend pops into my head and I can’t. I have mentioned my Iraqi friend here before. He came to the USA with his wife and children after he personally came under attack in Iraq because he spent years working with US troops as an interpreter. And he is very proud of the work that he did with them, saying that he felt he was doing the right thing for his home country that he now can’t really go back to. And he speaks highly of our troops, calling them his brothers and sisters. He and I have spoken about religion in the past, and he admitted to me that he was freaked out by the fact that I, as a woman, dress the way I do. Now, by our Western standards, I am a very modest dresser. I wear shorts that reach my knee and I don’t even wear sleeveless shirts. But he told me I wasn’t modest enough for him… but he understands my culture. And, really… the man spent time alone with me, which is also unusual. He never mentioned that and was obviously not bothered by it. He treated me like his equal in every single way. He even acted as my tutor. Hell, the dude would sit with me while I ate dinner even if I was eating pork! He looked like he wanted to be sick, but he did it.

So I can’t say “all Muslims,” because I know at least one who wouldn’t.

This isn’t the way to handle it. Things need to change in Europe. I am sorry for the people of England. Those folks can’t catch a damn break, and I find myself shedding more tears for them than I should have to. I don’t agree with the dispersal of refugees over there, it needs to be done better, they need to find a way to vet these people better, and they need to start accepting and admitting that Islamic terrorism is a thing. Islamic extremists do exist. Saying they exist is not the same as saying “all Muslims.” Saying we need to fight Islamic extremism is not the same as saying, “kill all Muslims.” Saying the words “Islamic extremism” is not Islamaphobic. We need to do away with PC culture and start taking care of our own. England, the English people should always come first. Your citizens – whether they were born into citizenship or became citizens after leaving another country – are always more important. Admitting that all groups – from chess clubs to religions like Islam – have extremists is important. It doesn’t go away by ignoring that. Saying “not all Muslims” is great, but it doesn’t stop the faction of Muslims that do believe this way.

So I’m begging your country as much as I am begging my own…. stop with the PC culture, stop being afraid to offend people, and do something about this. Because Islamic extremism won’t be stopped by it, and the crazy in your own ranks won’t be stopped by it, either.

On This Father’s Day, Let’s Celebrate Our Dads

thOK, so first off, before I go into my rant, I want to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this. I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

Now, the rant.

I logged on this morning to Facebook and watched the Father’s Day progression. It started off with wishing everyone a happy Father’s Day. Then it became dead dads on parade, which it usually does. I didn’t add mine to the list. I changed my profile picture to my dad’s picture for the day, but everyone who gives a crap about me knows my dad died, so I won’t bring everyone else down. There is no big memorial to my dad.

Then it began. My pet peeve on Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the single mothers out there who have to act as dads, too!”

No. This is not your day. I’m sorry. I know you feel slighted by some man somewhere, but this is not your damn day. This day is for dads. If you don’t have a dad for whatever reason, or your husband/partner/boyfriend left you with a kid, you don’t get to hijack the day. I’m sorry for your situation. Really, I am. And I am not diminishing what you do for your children.

But we celebrated you on Mother’s Day. You don’t get both days because life is hard. I’m sorry. I didn’t hear anyone celebrating single dad’s on Mother’s Day. And it isn’t going to kill you to allow dads to have a day to be celebrated alone. There are a lot of good men out there who stuck around and raised their children. They deserve their day without you taking it over because you were slighted by a man who doesn’t deserve the day anyway.

So to all the single moms out there, we love you and we get it, but you had your day. Let the dads have their day without the posturing.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

Bi-Sexual Chick Said Trump Supporters Sent Her ANTI-GAY Slurs – Here’s What COPS Discovered

what-the-hell-is-this-crapTaylor Volk told a local NBC News affiliate that she found one of the notes taped to her door at her off-campus residence, which read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” along with homophobic slurs.

“This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden,” she said on Nov. 14. “I just want them to stop.”

She had also posted pictures of notes with homophobic slurs to her Facebook account, NBC reported.

The university investigated the alleged harassment and determined this week that Ms. Volk had fabricated the story.
Read more: Washinton Times

Here is the latest statement from North Park University President David L. Parkyn:

One week ago I wrote to our campus community twice on the same day in related messages. On each occasion the general topic of my communication was to reiterate our campus commitment to civility in our life together. In these messages I stressed that interactions based on hate have no place at North Park.

The second message in particular was prompted by an incident of intolerance that occurred in a student’s off-campus residence. I’m writing today to notify our community that this incident has been fully investigated and resolved. Sadly, we discovered that the incident and related messages were fabricated; the individual responsible for the incident is not continuing as a student at North Park. We are confident there is no further threat of repeated intolerance to any member of our campus community stemming from this recent incident.

Here is the local NBC update:

Hateful notes and emails allegedly sent to a North Park University student were “fabricated,” the school’s president said Tuesday in a statement, and the woman who claimed they were aimed toward her is no longer enrolled at the school.

Full article: BREAKING: Bi-Sexual Chick Said Trump Supporters Sent Her ANTI-GAY Slurs – Here’s What COPS Discovered

She did get one thing right. “This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden.”

It is. There have been numerous reports of fabricated hate crimes coming out ever since the election. This uptick in faked hate crimes has been discussed openly by some in the media as well as pundits and bloggers. From Muslim women falsely claiming to have had their head covering torn off to homosexual waitresses writing hate notes to themselves on customers’ receipts, this is really getting out of hand.

And what, exactly, is the end game with that? Your 15 minutes of fame? Your inability to find anything real to back up your claims of everyone who doesn’t agree with you being some kind of -ist or -phobe? Your undying need to be a victim?

Maybe it’s because I don’t think like these people that I can’t figure out the purpose behind it. I don’t know.

MAP: Growing number of states consider free-speech bills

At least 13 states have now proposed or implemented legislation designed to protect free speech on college campuses.

While Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, and Arizona have already passed bills that would crack down on disruptive university demonstrators and so-called “free speech zones,” legislators from California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are attempting to push similar bills through their own state chambers.

While not precisely identical, most of the bills seek to address similar problems across college campuses, such as the increasingly common “free speech zones” and the rise in campus disruptions, as seen most recently at place like the University of California, Berkeley and Evergreen State College.

Accordingly, a legislative push out of California, a heavily Democratic state, is looking to penalize demonstrators who prevent controversial figures from expressing their views on campus after Berkeley experienced some of the most violent and destructive protests in recent memory.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Republican legislators in the state have responded to the incident by backing a measure that would restrict the university’s ability to regulate student speech on campus.

The recent spike in free-speech legislation comes after the Goldwater Institute and Stanley Kurtz produced model legislation to help state lawmakers craft their own bills around the country.

“We’ve had campus demonstrations since the 1960’s that were not properly respectful of freedom of speech, so you could say that there’s nothing new here, but I do think that there is good evidence for believing that respect for free-speech has declined in the last few years even beyond what it has been,” Kurtz told Campus Reform when introducing the model legislation in February. “We know this from various surveys and of course the rise of things like ‘microaggressions,’ ‘safe-spaces,’ and ‘trigger-warnings.’ They all indicate to me a generation that has been educated by left-leaning professors who weren’t fans of free speech themselves.”

Full article: MAP: Growing number of states consider free-speech bills


I swear, I think I just had a mini stroke reading this article. And in case you are wondering, I did, in fact, just yell “WHY?!” and scared the crap out of my dog.

Why is this necessary? I understand what’s going on and why they are doing this. My point is they shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t be wasting time and money on a bill about something that is already in the Constitution. We shouldn’t be wasting time and money to tell colleges and universities that they should be teaching their students how to think and not what to think.

What the hell is this happening to my country?! How did our youth get to the point where they can’t even tolerate the idea that someone thinks differently then them?! I went to college! We had demonstrations and protests! We all still hung out with each other anyway, didn’t burn the school down, and when someone was speaking on campus – which honestly didn’t happen a lot because we were small unknown university in the middle of Jersey City, NJ – that we didn’t agree with, we just didn’t attend! Or you were like me and you did attend because you were curious about what they were saying.

I had a political talk show on the college’s radio station. There were three speakers on that show: me and two young men. One of them was a liberal and one of them was a conservative and I was there as a libertarian. We managed to have conversations twice a week without killing each other, even though the studio was so small we were literally sitting on each other. We had students stop us in the hallway to ask questions or give their opinion on a topic, but it was always civil. Hell, we had students come up during the show, and they were civil enough that we’d squeeze them into that tiny room and let them say their piece.

That show only ended in 2002 when I moved to NC and finished off my last six credits at another school (me and the conservative host graduated together; the liberal had a year to go, but he wouldn’t have kept the show going without us because as it was he didn’t always show up). It just hasn’t been that long! I can’t imagine what that show would have been like today. I can only assume there would have only been two hosts, me and the conservative. And we probably would have had to hire bodyguards for ourselves (we were always together, so we probably would have shared. LOL!). In all fairness, they may have shut the show down. The general manager of the station was more on the liberal side, and he was a classic hippie. He didn’t hang around the station for our show then. But how would it have been today? Those students who came up to visit and share their thoughts probably would have stood in our studio and screamed at us today, or brought weapons.

This shouldn’t be! College is supposed to be a place where you are free to be you. You are learning how to think. Or should be learning how to think… not what to think.

This is very distressing. And I honestly fear for the future of our education system as well as our nation.