Civil War Museum Closes Down After Dem. Politician Demands Removal Of Confederate Artifacts

An example of a Confederate artifact in the museum (Image via WFMY)

“I think it’s reasonable,” she reportedly said. “I think there were plenty of artifacts in the museum that can tell the story of the Civil War.”

“I understand some people find the imaging of [the Confederacy] offensive,” said Stuart Carter, a resident and supporter of the museum, according to WFMY.

“But if we try and erase it from history, then we can’t remember how we messed up and why we shouldn’t go back there again,” he reportedly continued, stating, “Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict.”

Full article: Report: Civil War Museum Closes Down After Dem. Politician Demands Removal Of Confederate Artifacts – MILO NEWS

Next week, we’ll force Holocaust museums to remove all mention of Nazis. Seems reasonable. *insert eye roll*

What I don’t get is why the request was demanded and they just shut down. When do we tell people to f— off and go on with ours lives?


Gavin McInnes: England’s class system & the Manchester attack

Check out the SAS guy’s face around the 7:40 mark. That’s what my face looks like right now.

Ya know why this isn’t going to stop anytime soon?

Whitesplaining White Privilege

I love these types of videos. Watch this all the way through. Seriously. The difference between white people and black people is amazing. The black people in this video are the only ones who have any functioning brain cells. Maybe they need to sit down and have a discussion with the white people in this video.

Racist garbage.

Breastfeeding is Apparently Anti-Feminist Now

I’m sorry, wait a minute.

Tucker is right… men can’t naturally produce milk for a child. So no, there isn’t another “natural” way to feed a child other than breast milk.

Is there a problem with women who can’t produce milk to use formula? No, of course not! You feed your kid however the heck you have to feed your kid!

Is there a problem with letting dad feed the kid from a bottle? NO! Of course not! Please, by all means, mix up some formula or – God forbid – use a breast pump and fill a bottle with breast milk. It’s a wonderful way for a father to bond with his child.

But to insist that breast feeding isn’t natural? I’m sorry… but how the heck did our ancient ancestors survive then? The cavemen weren’t going to the corner store for formula and warming it up in the microwave. The milk a woman naturally produces in order to sustain the life of her child is always more natural than feeding the baby a powdered mixture of fake sustenance you bought from the grocery store. And just because a man can’t produce that milk doesn’t mean mom can’t bottle it so he can feed the kid, too! And just because everyone has to be empowered in a group think kind of manner and all that great stuff doesn’t mean dad should be forced to be the sole feeder of the kid, either! Feeding is a bonding experience with your baby! You should both be taking the opportunity to feed the baby!

Breast feeding is natural! Period! I don’t care what you read somewhere or how empowered you are. If you are too empowered to feed your kid, don’t have one! And if dad is so much of a beta male that he’s crying in his romper because he can’t naturally feed the baby, why are you breeding with him anyway?!

You people are a walking first world problem!!!

Ann Coulter’s “Hate Speech” IS Protected by the First Amendment

“You have every right to protest and use your speech to counter someone else’s speech. What you don’t have a right to do is silence someone else by using violence or intimidation.”

If you haven’t delved into “The Rubin Report,” I highly suggest you spend some time. He’s a leftie, but he’s a good leftie. He interviews folks he doesn’t agree with, and somehow manages to not call them names, shout them down, or any of that crap. It’s a good, thought provoking channel.

The Day They Drove Old Dixie Down

It’s been national news, so I am sure most of you are aware that New Orleans has begun removing their confederate monuments. As a displaced Yankee and a student of history, this deeply saddens me.

Look, I get it. Having monuments around to people who fought “for slavery” – which they didn’t – makes people feel uncomfortable. It may even make them feel as though they haven’t come as far as they actually have. But honestly, if you desire progress, you must study where it came from.

I believe the best defense of self and of your rights is to remember where you came from. Don’t hide the past, study it and then teach it. We haven’t done a very good job of that with the Civil War, and now we are doing that particular era of our history an even larger disservice. The Civil War was largely economic. Sure, slavery played a roll in the war, but it wasn’t the only subject matter, nor was it the main one. Rewriting history to make it the sole focus does it no justice. Nor does tearing down the monuments.

Instead of vandalizing these monuments and demanding their removal, you should be taking your child to see them. You should be sitting that child down and explaining what happened in our history, what these people went through, what the war was really about, and how it all started in the first place.

When I was in high school, I had a friend with a younger brother. He was about six years old at the time. My friend and I had gone out to buy comic books as I was an avid collector at the time. When we got back to her house, her brother grabbed the comics and went to town. I remember clearly that he came to me confused with one of the comics. I hadn’t read any of them yet, and was unaware of the scene taking place in one, but boy, was it a doozy. In the scene he came to me about, a group was burning a cross on the front lawn of a black family.

His mother stood by as I explained it to him and answered his questions. I told him a little about slavery in the US and the struggles blacks went through after that period, and then took the chance to explain to him why it was wrong and why the majority of people in the US no longer did things like this, that blacks have a much higher standing in our society than they used to and why they were equals now when they weren’t considered to be then. The kid got it, and managed a reaction to the images he was seeing that the comic, myself, his mother, and his sister were hoping for… he recognized that what was happening in that image was wrong and why. But he got there by seeing it and by asking about it, opening a gateway to a short history lesson instead of hearing screaming, seeing violence, and being told how to think “or else.” He learned a lesson that will be important for the rest of his life, and was given the chance to form his own opinion based off of a lesson. But he got the lesson by seeing something that was disturbing, by seeing an image from the past of things that actually happened.

By removing these monuments, you remove an opportunity. You remove a teachable moment from children and also from people who move here or visit here from other countries. Slavery and human trafficking is still an issue in our world. A big one. Heck, there are ads on TV here in NC about human trafficking. So to say history, in this case, won’t repeat itself is ignorant and foolish.

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ – attributed to George Santayana

Students Protesting Racism Segregate Themselves: ‘White Students To The Front!’

In a post obtained by The Claremont Independent, a Facebook group of about 250 people called “ShutDown Anti-BlackFascists” wrote the following:

screenshot from Twitter

For white accomplices: Please keep in mind that your role at this protest, aside from acting in solidarity with POC students at the 5Cs, particularly Black students, is to serve as a buffer between students of color and the police. That means, if the police come, it is imperative that you stay at the protest with fellow accomplices and engage with cops should it come to that.

Protest leaders at the event reportedly yelled, “White students to the front!”

Peak irony here from the unwitting “anti-racism” activists.

Full article: Daily Wire

Basically, the white folk are allowed, but only as human shields.

And the fact that they call them “accomplices” says a lot, too.