CNN Panel’s Reaction To Georgia’s Special Election Results: Priceless

Source: CNN Panel’s Reaction To Georgia’s Special Election Results: Priceless – Chicks On The Right

Aw. Those wittle sad faces look so familiar! We saw those little sad faces in November, too, didn’t we? Poor things.

They really need to work on that, because people like me really enjoy those sad faces.

Did I ever tell you guys my election night story when Trump won? If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. But these little sad faces made me think of it again, and it was such a nice evening.

I had decided to spend election night in Myrtle Beach. So I was heading up to my room for the first time and shared an elevator with a guy wearing a MAGA hat. I complimented his hat, of course, which got him all excited because I’m a youngish female who likes his Trump hat. We got to talking. And we saw each other several times after before election night.

So he eventually invited me to join him and his buddies at the hotel restaurant for election night. I declined, telling him I planned to spend election night with the TV off, sitting on the balcony of my room with a glass of wine, watching the ocean from 14 floors up. I wasn’t feeling real confident at this point, as I have stated before.

Election night rolls around, and sure enough, me and my glass of wine were on the balcony watching the ocean.

I have no idea what time it was when I saw someone running across the hotel’s patio toward the beach. All I could see was a flaming red hat. And I knew it was my new friend in the MAGA hat. He stops at the edge of the hotel patio, looking up towards the balconies, searching.

Then I hear my name being yelled. I stood up and looked towards the guy who is frantically waving his arms and yelling my name, asking if I’m out there.

“Yeah, I’m here!”




“OK! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

That sparked… a very, very long night.

There were two TVs in my room, one in the living area and one in the bedroom. I put the one in the living area to CNN and the one in the bedroom to Fox.

I watched CNN for a good long time, because it was so much fun watching them try to keep it together as Trump’s lead kept on growing. Their faces would light up when Hillary made some headway, and then sad clown faces took over when Trump picked up again.

Eventually, I turned CNN off, went to the bedroom, and fell asleep watching Fox. I woke up with the TV still on and me literally draped over the bed, hanging off the foot of it. The last time I’d looked at the clock it was 4AM. So I have no idea when I finally gave out and fell asleep like this.

Fox confirmed Trump had, in fact, won and I hadn’t been dreaming it. I immediately got up and went to the living area to put CNN back on, because I couldn’t get enough of those sad faces. Ate my cereal and drank liberal tears with the sound of the ocean behind me.

It was an unforgettable night.

So thank you, Georgia, for letting me live that again for a moment with more CNN sad clown faces.



Tennessee Makes the First Amendment Legal Again


Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to this and this, Tennessee is the first state to reinstitute the 1st amendment as it was intended on college campuses!

The new law makes it illegal to shut down conservative speakers or cancel them because administrators don’t agree with them. They also cannot punish professors who speak of conservative topics as long as it is in line with the class subject. Free Speech Zones are no longer allowed, making the entire campus a free speech zone. It disallows viewpoint based discrimination for funds for student groups. And the legal definition of student-on-student harassment must be used instead of the one set up by liberal administrators.

The law also demands campuses use the actual legal definition of student-on-student “harassment” handed down by the Supreme Court, behavior “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive, and that so undermines and detracts from the victims’ educational experience, that the victim-students are effectively denied equal access to an institution’s resources and opportunities.”

H/T Breitbart

One down, 49 to go! Let’s make freedom legal again!

Read the text of the Campus Free Speech Protection Act.

While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

From Free Beacon:

Despite House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) being in critical condition after an attempted assassination, liberal website Fusion denounced him on Thursday as a “bigoted homophobe.”

“Bigoted Homophobe Steve Scalise’s Life Was Saved by a Queer Black Woman,” read the headline from Fusion, which is owned by Univision.

And there was this lovely piece within the article itself.

So it is a point of especially delicious irony that Scalise, who survived the attack (and is reportedly in critical condition), may owe his life to a queer black woman.

Full article: While He’s Still In Critical Condition, News Channel Calls Steve Scalise ‘Bigot and Homophobe’

Who. Cares?!

I’m sorry. But who gives a crap what race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. this woman is? Especially when terms like “racist” and “homophobe” have been used incorrectly for so long that they no longer have a meaning. When everything is racist, no one knows what racism is anymore.

And no one on Earth knows what the term “queer” means anymore. I thought it was a slur, but apparently it’s used in the LGBTQFRTOGJZITAGTEDCHRARYGUVBLSYPOQWE acronym now. So… not a slur anymore?

You know what I care about? She’s a hero and a great American. Nothing else really matters to anyone other than the author of this article that the clip came from. I can promise you, Scalise and his family don’t care about anything other than that, either, especially since he isn’t as racist as this person thinks he is… because no one on Earth as is as racist as this person thinks anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

After this shooting, photographs started being released of the heroes of this event, which I thought was great. We need to spend more time focused on the heroes in these situations, and we normally don’t. No one pointed out her race or gender, and this is honestly the first time I’ve heard her described as “queer.” And I honestly don’t give a crap that she’s anything other than a hero. Period. Good on her for being a great American, and thank you to everyone talking about her and the others for highlighting them as the heroes they are.

Black? Female? “Queer?” Honestly, no one cares. As it should be.

Calif. Congressman Proposes Article Of Impeachment Against Trump

A Democratic congressman has proposed one article of impeachment that he hopes will begin the process of removing President Donald Trump from office.

“Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government,” read the resolution proposed by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif.

Sherman said he understood that Trump’s removal would not give the Democrats the White House.

“The purpose of this article is not to deprive the Republicans of their election victory,” said Sherman, noting that if Trump were removed, Vice President Mike Pence would take office. “In fact, from a purely partisan standpoint, it would install someone who would competently pursue a truly regressive progressive.”

However, he said, the nation is being poorly led.

“Every day that goes by is a day of Alice in Wonderland administration,” he said.

The proposal drew a swift rebuke from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wisc.

“Frustrated opponents of the president are grasping at straws and factitious rumors to advance their own political agenda rather than the interests of the country,” Sensenbrenner said.

“There is no proof of wrongdoing on the part of the president, which means discussions of impeachment are not only premature, but imprudent and counterproductive,” he said.

Full article: Calif. Congressman Proposes Article Of Impeachment Against Trump

I am in a super crappy mood tonight, so I am not at all impressed with this guy’s peacocking, either. I can’t believe I’ve used that term in two posts now, but here we are!

And that’s exactly what it is. I’m sorry, but if you feel the need to tell us this isn’t about the fact that your candidate didn’t win, then guess what it’s about.

There is nothing at all that has been done that warrants impeachment. Impeachment is also not removal from office. That’s a whole other political dance. As someone in politics, you should know that.

So go ahead. Waste more tax dollars and strut around for those votes you want to get in the next election, because this isn’t going to go anywhere and you know it. So does everyone else.


Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State

From Associated Press:

th-flagsPuerto Rico’s governor announced that the U.S. territory has overwhelmingly chosen statehood in a nonbinding referendum Sunday held amid a deep economic crisis that has sparked an exodus of islanders to the U.S. mainland.

Nearly half a million votes were cast for statehood, more than 7,600 for free association/independence and nearly 6,700 for the current territorial status, according to preliminary results. The participation rate was just 23 percent with roughly 2.26 million registered voters, leading opponents to question the validity of a vote that several parties had boycotted.

The economic crisis in Puerto Rico is the main driver here.

Puerto Ricans are fleeing the island nation at an alarming rate and it’s making their economic situation even worse.

Obviously, joining the United States would help that.


Full article: BREAKING: Will There Be a 51st State? The Votes Are In…

It would be great for them. Not sure how great it would be for the USA.

TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELLS: I’ll ‘100%’ Testify Under Oath To Deny Comey’s Story

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

… Trump said that Comey lied about their Oval Office meeting, at which Comey says Trump implied he wanted him to drop the investigation into just-fired National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Trump then added, when asked whether he would testify under oath to that effect, “100 percent…I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you.”

Trump’s lawyers must be smiting themselves in the foreheads over this one. No lawyer on earth would urge a client to sit down for a deposition under oath if there were any way to avoid it. That’s because even if Trump is telling the truth, there’s a decent shot he slips up somewhere and creates the predicate for a perjury charge.

As always, President Trump’s worst enemy is President Trump. He could easily absorb Comey’s charges and still be fine – I laid out precisely this strategy yesterday. Instead, Trump is putting his own credibility in opposition to Comey’s – a horrible tactic, given that 45 percent of voters, even according to Trump-friendly Rasmussen, trust Comey over Trump, with just 37 percent trusting Trump over Comey. And Comey has testified under oath now, whereas Trump has not.

This is just unwise. It keeps the scandal alive for another day. Comey himself couldn’t have asked for anything better than this from Trump.

Full article: TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELLS: I’ll ‘100%’ Testify Under Oath To Deny Comey’s Story | Daily Wire

I have to agree with the Daily Wire on this one. Trump needs to shut his mouth. Right now, we know he wasn’t under investigation. He’s pulling himself closer and closer to getting himself under investigation.

What he needs to do is let this run it’s course. Focus on running the country, let the investigation and the hearings go. If he’s called, go. Don’t volunteer. Stop with the tweet rants. Stop with the insults. Listen to the lawyers. But there is a lot of work to be done, focus on that and let the investigations and hearings go as they will. Comments from Trump, at just about any point, are not in his favor.

At some point, Trump needs to learn how to take this stuff in stride, and right now he just can’t. But he needs to figure out how soon.

MAP: Growing number of states consider free-speech bills

At least 13 states have now proposed or implemented legislation designed to protect free speech on college campuses.

While Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, and Arizona have already passed bills that would crack down on disruptive university demonstrators and so-called “free speech zones,” legislators from California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are attempting to push similar bills through their own state chambers.

While not precisely identical, most of the bills seek to address similar problems across college campuses, such as the increasingly common “free speech zones” and the rise in campus disruptions, as seen most recently at place like the University of California, Berkeley and Evergreen State College.

Accordingly, a legislative push out of California, a heavily Democratic state, is looking to penalize demonstrators who prevent controversial figures from expressing their views on campus after Berkeley experienced some of the most violent and destructive protests in recent memory.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Republican legislators in the state have responded to the incident by backing a measure that would restrict the university’s ability to regulate student speech on campus.

The recent spike in free-speech legislation comes after the Goldwater Institute and Stanley Kurtz produced model legislation to help state lawmakers craft their own bills around the country.

“We’ve had campus demonstrations since the 1960’s that were not properly respectful of freedom of speech, so you could say that there’s nothing new here, but I do think that there is good evidence for believing that respect for free-speech has declined in the last few years even beyond what it has been,” Kurtz told Campus Reform when introducing the model legislation in February. “We know this from various surveys and of course the rise of things like ‘microaggressions,’ ‘safe-spaces,’ and ‘trigger-warnings.’ They all indicate to me a generation that has been educated by left-leaning professors who weren’t fans of free speech themselves.”

Full article: MAP: Growing number of states consider free-speech bills


I swear, I think I just had a mini stroke reading this article. And in case you are wondering, I did, in fact, just yell “WHY?!” and scared the crap out of my dog.

Why is this necessary? I understand what’s going on and why they are doing this. My point is they shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t be wasting time and money on a bill about something that is already in the Constitution. We shouldn’t be wasting time and money to tell colleges and universities that they should be teaching their students how to think and not what to think.

What the hell is this happening to my country?! How did our youth get to the point where they can’t even tolerate the idea that someone thinks differently then them?! I went to college! We had demonstrations and protests! We all still hung out with each other anyway, didn’t burn the school down, and when someone was speaking on campus – which honestly didn’t happen a lot because we were small unknown university in the middle of Jersey City, NJ – that we didn’t agree with, we just didn’t attend! Or you were like me and you did attend because you were curious about what they were saying.

I had a political talk show on the college’s radio station. There were three speakers on that show: me and two young men. One of them was a liberal and one of them was a conservative and I was there as a libertarian. We managed to have conversations twice a week without killing each other, even though the studio was so small we were literally sitting on each other. We had students stop us in the hallway to ask questions or give their opinion on a topic, but it was always civil. Hell, we had students come up during the show, and they were civil enough that we’d squeeze them into that tiny room and let them say their piece.

That show only ended in 2002 when I moved to NC and finished off my last six credits at another school (me and the conservative host graduated together; the liberal had a year to go, but he wouldn’t have kept the show going without us because as it was he didn’t always show up). It just hasn’t been that long! I can’t imagine what that show would have been like today. I can only assume there would have only been two hosts, me and the conservative. And we probably would have had to hire bodyguards for ourselves (we were always together, so we probably would have shared. LOL!). In all fairness, they may have shut the show down. The general manager of the station was more on the liberal side, and he was a classic hippie. He didn’t hang around the station for our show then. But how would it have been today? Those students who came up to visit and share their thoughts probably would have stood in our studio and screamed at us today, or brought weapons.

This shouldn’t be! College is supposed to be a place where you are free to be you. You are learning how to think. Or should be learning how to think… not what to think.

This is very distressing. And I honestly fear for the future of our education system as well as our nation.