U.N. Tells Trump: Repealing Obamacare Illegal And We Won’t Allow It

American Journal Review

The U.N. Human Rights Commission (now known as the Human Rights Council) purports to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,“ Its members include China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

The “High Commissioner’s” office warning that Obamacare repeal/replacement might be illegal comes in a letter to the Trump administration. The Commissioner asked that the letter be shared with majority and minority leadership in both chambers of Congress. It also proposed that “the wider public should be alerted to the potential implications of the above-mentioned allegations.” According to Milbank, the White House has not shared the letter with Congress, much less “alerted the wider public.”

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I’m sorry. Since when does the UN get to dictate US law?


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Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham Push to CUT OFF United Nations’ Funding

From The Hill:

Cruz said President Obama “betrayed decades of robust bipartisan American support for Israel” by having his administration abstain from voting on the resolution rather than vetoing it.

“Congress must hold the U.N. accountable and use our leverage as its largest contributor to push for the repeal of this resolution, making it clear to the world that Congress stands unequivocally against efforts to undermine Israel,” he added.

Graham, who oversees funding for the State Department and foreign operations, called the vote “a slap” against the Middle East ally.

“I begged the U.N. months before, don’t put me in this box. This was John Kerry and Obama taking a slap at Israel,” Graham said.

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Please, Lord, let this pass!!!!

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Graham Threatens To Cut UN Funding If They Ram Through Anti-Israel Resolution

“If the United Nations moves forward with the ill-conceived resolution, I will work to form a bipartisan coalition to suspend or significantly reduce United States assistance to the United Nations,” Graham said in his statement. “In addition, any nation that which backs this resolution and receives assistance from the United States will put that assistance in jeopardy.”

As Graham correctly noted in his statement, the U.S. does provide 22 percent of the U.N.’s funding, and cutting such funding has been long overdue. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton argued in a 2015 Boston Globe column that due to the U.N.’s pattern of “feckless decisions,” it was time to make U.N. contributions entirely voluntary.

“Shifting to voluntary contributions means adopting two principles that, at the UN at least, would be profoundly revolutionary,” Bolton wrote. “We would pay only for what we want, and we would insist that we get what we pay for — that is, real performance. And, of course, we should vigorously encourage other UN members (especially large contributors like Japan, Germany, Britain, and France) to join us in moving to entirely voluntary contributions.”

Full article: Graham Threatens To Cut UN Funding If They Ram Through Anti-Israel Resolution | Daily Wire

Get ready to hear international terror is the top reason for more US gun control

“It will contribute to international peace and security, will strengthen the legitimate international trade in conventional arms, and is fully consistent with rights of U.S. citizens (including those secured by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution),” Obama said as he made a last ditch effort to forward the UN treaty last week.

The treaty is controversial because its opponents believe it could provide loopholes to new U.S. gun control laws based on UN firearm stipulations.

The Obama administration, however, has maintained that the treaty would simply make it harder for terrorists throughout the world to obtain small arms illegally.

Meanwhile, former NSA head Michael Hayden suggested recently that the U.S. government’s spying capabilities are inadequate to prevent terror attacks, so increased gun control should be a next step in the War on Terror.

Hayden added: “We could probably do more things that’ll squeeze your privacy a bit, to give us a marginally higher probability that we could have caught the Orlando guy prior to the attack, but not much.”

Hayden said that the inability to predict certain attacks should open the door for more firearm laws.

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A Group of California Secessionists Have Opened an ‘Embassy’ in Moscow

Following the election of Donald Trump, a group of political activists in California have voiced their desire to secede from the nation.

And last week, this group took its first steps toward sovereignity…at least in its own view.

The Yes California Independence Campaign, which has promoted the hashtag #Calexit, held an opening of its embassy in Moscow on Dec. 18, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The group, led by San Diego resident Louis Marinelli, wants a 2018 state ballot measure that, if passed, would bring California one step closer to becoming its own independent nation.

“We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now,” Marinelli said in an email to the Times Monday.

Full article: A Group of California Secessionists Have Opened an ‘Embassy’ in Moscow | Fox News Insider

There’s more than a little bat crap crazy going on there. But hey, if California can’t rule the country in the voting booth, I guess trying to join the UN is the next best thing. Even if they have to actually secede first.

I say let them go. And please, take all the celebrities and athletes with you.

Obama Signs Another UN Treaty Without Congress

The administration has signed onto yet another treaty without seeking the “advice and consent” of Congress as the Constitution requires.

Yesterday, John Kerry met with world leaders in Kigali, Rwanda. After all-night negotiations, nearly 200 nations (including the United States) agreed to further cut greenhouse gases. They did so by amending the Montreal Protocol, an international climate treaty that the United States ratified back in 1988.

The Obama administration believes that by drastically editing a treaty that Congress ratified almost three decades ago, they can get around having to seek Congressional approval again. The White House has even admitted that they have no intention of putting this to a ratification vote in Congress.

The meaning of the 1988 treaty has been substantially altered. Congress never approved this new framework. What the President is doing is unconstitutional!

Full article: Unbelievable: Obama Signs Another UN Treaty Without Congress – Conservative Daily


UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet

Well. Here’s your dose of downright creepy for the day.

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, recently stated in an interview that the Earth is already over burdened with people and that we should look at depopulating the planet.

“There is pressure in the system to go toward that; we can definitely change those, right? We can definitely change those numbers,” Figueres stated.

“Really, we should make every effort to change those numbers because we are already, today, already exceeding the planet’s planetary carrying capacity.” she claimed.

“So yes we should do everything possible. But we cannot fall into the very simplistic opinion of saying just by curtailing population then we’ve solved the problem. It is not either/or, it is an and/also.” Figueres continued.

Full article and video: UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet | EndingFed News Network

Paging Tom Clancy…