White House in Lockdown After Man Shows Up with Suspicious Package

Image: Conservative Tribune

The White House was on lockdown Tuesday morning after authorities discovered a man with a suspicious package on White House grounds. The lockdown was in effect until 11:30 a.m., but more details were unfolding as investigations into the incident continued.

As of mid-afternoon it appeared that a bomb squad was still investigating the suspicious package, The Hill reported.

This lockdown did not affect President Donald Trump’s planned event with the Fraternal Order of Police, which was scheduled for 11:00 a.m.

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Schumer goes off on Trump supporter at NYC restaurant, witness says

Image: Fox News Politics

Hilary [Califano] confirmed the confrontation, telling Page Six, “Sen. Schumer was really rude . . . He’s our senator, and I don’t really like him. Yes, I voted for Trump. Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar. I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn’t say anything.”

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If this actually happened, this man is dangerously unhinged.

Discussion About GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress

Image: Breitbart

“Speaker Ryan proved today that he does not have the best interests of the President at heart,” said another source close to the president. “He sold out the president and showed his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one course of action that should be taken to move past this catastrophe and that is the swift removal of Paul Ryan from the speakership.”

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I’m not going to get too excited about this, because there was a lot of talk about how necessary it was to remove John Boehner back in the day, too. But when the chance came, they voted him right back in. So no, I’m not going to hold my breath, because the Republicans are proving yet again – on a lot of things – to be a lot of talk and no action.

House GOP Leaders Pull Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 Bill Off Floor Again

Image: Breitbart

CNN reported that the bill was pulled at President Donald Trump’s request despite earlier reports that the President wanted a vote—whether or not the bill had the votes to pass. Later reports indicated it was Ryan who urged Trump that the bill needed to be pulled. It was unclear as of Friday afternoon who was ultimately responsible for the decision to pull the bill.

The vote was previously scheduled for Thursday evening, but was canceled within hours of the White House assuring that there would be a vote.

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Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination

Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch ended Thursday on a confrontational note, with the body’s top Democrat vowing a filibuster that could complicate Gorsuch’s expected confirmation and ultimately upend the traditional approach to approving justices.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he will vote no on President Trump’s nominee and asked other Democrats to join him in blocking an up-or-down vote on Gorsuch.

Under Senate rules, it requires 60 votes to overcome such an obstacle. Republicans eager to confirm Gorsuch before their Easter recess — and before the court concludes hearing the current term of cases next month — have only 52 senators.

Republicans have vowed Gorsuch will be confirmed even if it means overhauling the way justices have long been approved. Traditionally, senators can force the Senate to muster a supermajority just to bring up the nomination of a Supreme Court justice. If that is reached, the confirmation requires a simple majority.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Schumer said: “If this nominee cannot earn 60 votes — a bar met by each of President Obama’s nominees and George Bush’s last two nominees — the answer isn’t to change the rules. It’s to change the nominee.”

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And their only real reason is because they are ticked off that Hillary isn’t picking the Supreme Court justice. Oh, and he believes in following the Constitution as it was written. God forbid.

We’re beyond the point where these people need to grow up. Now they need to be removed. What are they going to do, obstruct for four years?

FBI Confirms ‘Open, Ongoing’ Investigation Into ‘Any Links’ Between Russia, Trump Campaign

The FBI director described the investigation as “open, ongoing, and classified.”

“I cannot say more of what we are doing and whose conduct we are examining,” he said.

Both Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers conceded that neither agency has any evidence to suggest that votes were changed in the 2016 presidential election as a result of Russian interference.

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SCOTUS green-lights Menendez corruption trial

The Supreme Court has dashed Robert Menendez’ last hope to prevent the first trial of a sitting US Senator for corruption since Ted Stevens in 2008 (which was posthumously vacated). The top court refused to take the appeal of a Third District appellate ruling that refused to overturn Menendez’ April 2015 indictment on the basis of constitutional privilege under the Speech or Debate Clause. That leaves the door open to a trial in the fall, just as the three-term incumbent ramps up an expected re-election campaign in the midterms:

The Supreme Court has rejected Sen. Bob Menendez’s attempt to throw out the bribery and corruption charges against him, setting the stage for a trial for the New Jersey Democrat this fall.

With Monday’s announcement, Menendez can no longer block the proceedings against him from moving forward, a major setback for his efforts to avoid criminal trial.

The appellate court ruled that the benefits granted by Menendez to Salomon Melgen were too specific to him for a claim of privilege, Reuters recalls:

Prosecutors allege Menendez accepted campaign donations and gifts, including a stay at a Caribbean villa and private jet flights, from Melgen in exchange for interceding in various matters on his friend’s behalf, including an $8.9 million Medicare billing dispute. Menendez and Melgen have pleaded not guilty to the charges they faced in the 22-count indictment. …

Last July, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that Menendez’s actions amounted to “essentially lobbying on behalf of a particular party,” and thus outside the “safe harbor” provided in the Constitution.

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