Black Lives Matter Wins Global Peace Prize

The outlet states that The Sydney Peace Foundation announced Black Lives Matter as the recipient of this year’s award, which will be presented at a ceremony in November.

“The award recognizes the work of the founding leaders of the social justice activist network,” the outlet reports, “who began working together after Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted in 2013 in the shooting death of black teen Trayvon Martin.”

In its announcement, The Sydney Peace Foundation describes Black Lives Matter as “a global phenomenon” that is “affirming black humanity in the face of relentless police brutality, mass incarceration and racial disparity.”

The foundation also states, “this is the first time that a movement and not a person has been awarded the Peace Prize – a timely choice.”

Full article: Black Lives Matter Wins Global Peace Prize – MILO NEWS

They’ve got an interesting view of what “peace” looks like.


Black Lives Matter has ASTOUNDING response to Louisiana flooding…

Via Blue Lives Matter:

“Jiggy” states in the video “Where are the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers? I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people in the city, the wildlife and fisheries, and the police going in and rescuing people.”

He goes on to say “All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them.”

Full article: Black Lives Matter has ASTOUNDING response to Louisiana flooding… – Allen B. West –

What’s in it for them? Money? Power? TV time?

Groups like this – to include politicians – don’t do anything if it doesn’t involve money and power.

They aren’t going to get any of that out of the flooding in Baton Rouge. As a matter of fact, if this keeps up much longer, they might start complaining that you’re taking the spotlight off of them.


Finally! Look what happened to #BlackLivesMatter supporter who tweeted about killing whites

As Breitbart reports:

Maryland resident Carlos Anthony Hollins has been arrested and charged for allegedly issuing deadly threats against La Plata residents via his personal Twitter account.


BLM arrested

Hollins, who apparently turned himself in, has a criminal record, reports

Court records show a peace order was issued against Hollins in April of 2014 and it expired seven months later. He was also previously charged with trespassing in 2013. Those cases have been closed. There is no information on when Hollins will be in court for a hearing on this latest charge.

The La Plata Police Department decided to put more officers on the street after Hollins’ arrest, according to NBC Washington.

So this is a start. Now, what about all the others?

Our ultra-politically correct culture has become so unforgiving of even careless inappropriate comments, punishing folks even for something they might have said years ago (remember Paula Dean and the “N” word? Just one example — there are many more…). And which didn’t go so far as to threaten someone’s person.

And yet, there’s been relative silence about this overt hate speech and direct incitation to violence against particular groups of people. What gives?

As we’ve suggested previously, apparently it’s NOT hate speech if it’s aligned with concepts politically acceptable to the liberal progressive socialist left. Even when, as it seems, this ever-louder hate speech and calls for violence happen to correlate with an increase in more brazen murders of some of the groups in question (e.g., the numerous police killings in the past week, along with the on-air murder of one white anchorwoman and her cameraman).

Let’s hope the above incident in Maryland is a sign that this trend is about to turn.

Source: Finally! Look what happened to #BlackLivesMatter supporter who tweeted about killing whites – Allen B. West –

A Black Marine GOES OFF On #BlackLivesMatter With Message ‘Facebook Is Trying To Silence’

Language warning for both. Just watch the kids and the boss.


Source: [VIDEO] A Black Marine GOES OFF On #BlackLivesMatter With Message ‘Facebook Is Trying To Silence’ | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

This video inspired this guy to make this video (this guy thinks Black Lives Matter is being funded by the Koch Brothers, but still; and I also have no idea what is going on with the Smack Down video game…)…

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