USA Today Posts Highly Misleading Article Title About SCOTUS Re-Opening Gay Marriage Debate

Wow, USA Today!


That isn’t what the case is about at all!

If you don’t know, SCOTUS agreed to hear a case about the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The case is not reopening the debate over gay marriage. The case is actually about whether or not someone can use a religious objection as a reason to not participate in or serve a couple who is doing something against their religion.

I don’t have an issue with gay marriage, personally; we’ve talked about this before. But in many religions, a wedding between two people of the same sex is not allowed to be done or participated in (and no, it is not only the Christian faith). And by baking a cake for a gay wedding, they would, in fact, be participating in furthering the action.

That is what the court is going to be hearing and discussing. It is a religious rights case more than a gay marriage case. Whether or not gay marriage should be allowed is not in question.

The media is doing this sort of thing more and more. It is, of course, our online clickbait culture that is playing a huge roll in it. You are more likely to click on the article if you think the right for gays to marry is going to be debated again and possibly revoked than you would if you see something about a baker not wanting to bake their wedding cake.

But it doesn’t make it right. This was a misleading headline that was tweeted out to their followers and fed into their own fears (their readership is largely liberal, and a good portion of liberals believe the right to gay marriage is in imminent danger). What it actually does is lower the credibility of USA Today and puts them in the category of outlets like Buzzfeed… which is a joke.

And then they can’t understand why people are constantly yelling “fake news,” claiming to not trust the media, or searching out alternative sources for news. This, media. This is why. Your advertisers aren’t going to go away if you post truthful headlines. People will still read the stories and see those advertisers. Maybe more so. I promise.