FLASHBACK: Democrats Threaten Republicans With Violence

Our first incident comes via Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit, who catalogues the numerous times in which President Obama’s issued ominous threats against his political opposition. Perhaps the most notable incident came in 2008 when then-candidate Obama told an audience in Philadelphia, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun…Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl.”

In one particularly egregious incident, CBS’s Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn, showed a photograph of President Bush with the words “Snipers Wanted” superimposed over the image.

In 2006, Hollywood produced a movie entitled “Death of a President”, in which George W. Bush is shown being gunned down by a sniper.

Full article: FLASHBACK: Democrats Threaten Republicans With Violence | The Sean Hannity Show

And let’s not forget the numerous occasions over the last seven and a half years where liberals publicly called for the mass murder of NRA members, Republicans, and anyone else that didn’t agree with them 100% on everything, many of which have been chronicled here.

You folks need to sit down now and get off your faux outrage bandwagon. Just because they are democrats doesn’t make it OK.



I Am Angry On Behalf Of Bernie Sanders Supporters.

There are 4051 Democrat delegates, and 712 of those are superdelegates (or, those who are unpledged/unbound to any specific candidate, and who can vote for whoever they want, no matter what their home state popular vote says.) Those superdelegates include:

1. All Democrat governors
2. All Democrat senators
3. All Democrat congressional representatives
4. Some Democrat big city mayors and state lawmakers
5. All former Democrat presidents, vice presidents, US Senate leaders, and speakers of the House
6. President Obama
7. All members of the DNC.

Quite a list, huh? What that means, essentially, is that the people listed above wield far more power than regular, normal people in the election process. So when you hear Democrats say that every vote counts, you need to remember that some votes count far more than others. Real democratic, huh?

Now, on the GOP side, things work differently, and far more democratically.

Republicans have 2472 delegates, 168 of which are superdelegates, and those 168 people are RNC members. However, they are NOT allowed to vote for whoever they want at the convention. They can only support whoever their state supports, which means that they’re really not “super” at all. They’re just delegates.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? That the GOP delegates will be voting according to the will of the people, whereas the Democrat delegates will simply vote according to their own, personal selfish interests?

Continued: I Am Angry On Behalf Of Bernie Sanders Supporters.

Two Impossible Things That Could Happen in 2016

The first impossible thing is that Hillary Clinton might stop being the undisputed frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

There have been two good reasons for believing this to be impossible. One is that even in the swirl of the email controversy, a very large majority of self-identified Democrats continue to have positive feelings about Clinton. That includes the 25 percent or so nationally and the 40 or so percent in New Hampshire who say they’d vote for Bernie Sanders right now.

That shows that one Democratic constituency — the Birkenstock Belt — is willing to consider an alternative. What would happen if another — black Democrats — should prove willing to do so as well?

The answer: disaster for the Clinton campaign. As fivethirtyeight.com analysts have pointed out, even if Clinton loses Iowa and New Hampshire, the next big set of contests come in Southern states, where blacks make up nearly half or more of Democratic primary voters. And black voters tend to coalesce, in primaries as well in November, for one candidate.

That’s a rational response for people who are self-conscious members of a persecuted and discriminated-against minority. In the past, black Democrats have been nearly unanimous for one candidate even over another who has strong claims on their support — e.g., Robert Kennedy over Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton 40 years later.

…The second impossible thing that could happen is a vast expansion of the Republican primary electorate — and general election turnout. Sparked, at least initially, but not necessarily permanently, by Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported last week that other Republican candidates’ strategists discount Trump’s current poll leads on the grounds that the polls “rely on feedback from many Republicans who are unlikely to vote” because they aren’t registered Republicans or haven’t voted in past primaries.

It’s true that past Republican turnout has been low. In 2008, 37 million Americans voted in Democratic primaries and caucuses and only 21 million voted in Republican contests. Hillary Clinton, while losing the nomination, got almost as many votes as the three leading Republicans put together.

Similarly, many analysts blame Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss on conservatives staying home. Barack Obama got 3.5 million fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008. Usually incumbents who drop that far lose. But Romney got only 1 million more votes than John McCain in 2008.

Source: Two Impossible Things That Could Happen in 2016 – Michael Barone – Page full

Holy Crap. CNN Is Correctly Placing Blame On Democrats. Someone Pinch Me


I Swear…I Have No Idea How This Woman Sleeps At Night.

I Swear…I Have No Idea How This Woman Sleeps At Night. – Chicks on the Right – Chicks on the Right.

See, here’s the thing.

The entire government is to blame. Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Both of them are to blame.

These two parties are more interested in poking each other in the eyes than actually accomplishing anything. So while they work hard to make each other look bad, the country is falling and people are losing faith and hope.

Here’s an idea to all the members of the government… Spend the time you would spend poking each other in the eye on actually doing something. If you focused that kind of attention on the country we’d have no debt, a thriving economy, and really, the sky is the limit.

Americans are tired of it. We don’t care why you think the other party sucks. You both suck!!!! Do your damn job and fix our country, or get out of the damn way and let in folks who will!