[RAW VIDEO] Ferguson Store Owner Takes His Security Into His Own Hands

Language warning.

[RAW VIDEO] Ferguson Store Owner Takes His Security Into His Own Hands.

I really feel sorry for the business owners up there who are the innocent victims in what is turning out to be a yearly looting fest.

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Ferguson Demonstrations: Authorities Declare State of Emergency in St. Louis County

St. Louis County authorities declared a state of emergency Monday as they prepared for a second night of protests marking a year since a police officer killed Ferguson, Missouri, teen Michael Brown.

Protesters prepare to march in downtown St. Louis. RICK WILKING / Reuters – At least here these folks seem peaceful. How about joining them and giving peaceful protesting a shot?

The move was announced by County Executive Steve Stenger, who cited the violence that marred protests Sunday night in Ferguson.

“The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger,” Stenger said in a statement.

The St. Louis County prosecuting attorney’s office announced criminal charges against a man authorities say exchanged gunfire with police officers Sunday night. Tyrone Harris, 18, who remained hospitalized in critical condition, was charged with four counts of assault on law enforcement, five counts of armed criminal action and one count of shooting at a motor vehicle.

As authorities girded for another tumultuous night, about 30 protesters spread across all 10 lanes of an interstate that runs through Ferguson.

via Ferguson Demonstrations: Authorities Declare State of Emergency in St. Louis County – NBC News.

Can we look forward to this every year?

I hate to point this out, but race riots aren’t a new thing. They’ve been happening for a long time. It hasn’t accomplished anything positive. Ever. Try something new.

To the businesses in Ferguson… time to move out. There are plenty of states and towns that would love to have you and won’t burn your business to the ground. Especially in defense of someone who committed a crime and was killed in the attempt at another.

White House Panel to Review Grand Jury Indictment Process

In the wake of the controversial grand jury decisions not to indict the police officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the White House will be conducting an independent review of whether grand juries are best suited to manage cases of deadly force.

According to The Hill, President Barack Obama set up the panel late last month as protesters took to the streets of New York claiming that the Garner case demonstrated systematic racial bias in the criminal justice system.

“One of the things that we will be looking at as a task force is independent review of these kinds of cases and how should that take place,” Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey, who is co-chairing the panel, told NPR’s “Morning Edition” on Tuesday, The Hill reported.

“But, we also want to make sure that everything we do protects everyone’s rights and that includes the rights of the police officer, as well.”

Ramsey said that what “people are concerned about is how these cases are reviewed.”

“Is a grand jury, for an example, the proper way of doing it, with the district attorney’s involvement and so forth?” he asked, according to The Hill.

In the aftermath of the Garner decision, Obama said that there are “too many incidences where people just do not have confidence that folks are being treated fairly,” The Hill reported.

“When anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law, that’s a problem, and it’s my job as president to solve it.”

via White House Panel to Review Grand Jury Indictment Process.

Final Thoughts on Ferguson

Warning: Strong Language

VIDEO: Black woman’s heroic rant on Ferguson goes VIRAL; Will irritate liberals.

OK, so unless something really amazingly huge happens further, this is going to be last post in this blog about Mike Brown and Ferguson. I haven’t said a ton on what I personally think about this entire case, so this it.

I agree with the woman in the video. But she is still missing some of the point of what actually happened to Mike Brown.

He went into that store that day and robbed it, pushing around the store owner. Apparently his record is clean from what I understand, so there is a possibility that this was his first time doing something like this. It may not be, though. We’ll never know.

Either way, he knew what he had done was wrong. As he was heading home, no matter how bad ass he thought he was or not, there was a lot going on in his mind and there was probably a fair amount of adrenaline. Darren Wilson comes along and tells him to get out of the street. All Mike Brown knows is he just broke the law and probably assumes the cop knows – whether he did or did not. But this causes everything in him to react, poorly.

Witness testimony claims Mike Brown attacked the cop. There was a lot of evidence that proves this, including the autopsy. He may not have been thinking straight, this may not have been his style – but he’d just broken the law and was now faced with a cop and the reality that his life was going to drastically change. He was now going to be arrested for a felony and a lot of the things he and his family hoped for were now over. This can cause a person to react badly. And he did.

Can an unarmed man kill someone? Of course. It happens all the time. Especially in a frightened, adrenaline fueled fit, which is what I suspect happened here.

As for the protesters – I’m not even sure what to say. They burned down Ferguson, and reports were mixed as to whether or not most of the people who did this were even from there. I feel great sorrow for the business owners and residents of Ferguson. They did nothing to deserve that. Destroying their businesses and that town is not going to bring Mike Brown back, change the decision of the grand jury, or change much of anything else. The only sympathy received and hearts and minds won were those belonging to “progressive” extremists who thrive off of being victims. But they sure did get themselves a lot of free stuff.

We live in a world where race relations have become so awful that if you are white, anything you say or do is racist. And we’ve all experienced it. I actually had a customer walk into my job some time ago and accused me of being a racist because I looked up when he came in. I’m at the front desk doing window sales and reception. It is my job to look up and greet people when they walk in. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing my job very well at all. But regardless, he called me a racist. Simply for looking up and attempting to greet him (he called me racist before he even finished crossing the threshold of the door and before I got the chance to say hello).

Honestly, my thought is this. Is there racism in this world? Hell yes there is. We still have a long way to go. But racism is not a one way street. It isn’t only white on black. It isn’t only black on white. It isn’t Democrat, Republican, liberal, or conservative. But we cannot survive long when everything a white person says or does is racist, if we tell any black man or woman they are an “Uncle Tom” (do you even know where that term comes from?) or they are not capable of thinking for themselves… if they don’t think exactly what you tell them to. Apparently, any black person who has a belief or opinion that deviates from what someone tells us is the norm can’t think for themselves. You aren’t really black if you aren’t a carbon copy, if you have a thought or belief you came up with on your own or that came from the “other side.” Somehow, it means you can’t think for yourself… when you think for yourself.

I’d love to see race relations improve. I’m not of the mindset that everyone is the same. I know these protesters don’t speak for many people. But they speak for enough that it is obvious we are worse off now than we have been in a long time. That needs to stop. We all need to stop listening to race baiters. Stop listening to those who materialize the moment a photo op comes up. Stop listening to politicians. Stop listening to the media. Listen to each other. When we listen to each other, that is when we learn that people are different and the opinion of one is not the opinion of all. Everyone needs to be part of the conversation and needs to stop being afraid of what someone else will say. Yes, I’ve been told that, because I’m white, I don’t have the right to enter the race conversation. Well, yes, I do. As an American, this is an issue facing the country. And it doesn’t get fixed when the conversation erases all races from it other than one. And political correctness isn’t going to fix it, either. Stop being afraid to say what needs to be said. Talk to each other. And start taking people on an individual basis. Start judging based on whether or not a person is a jerk, but get to know them enough to make sure they really are or are not a jerk.

Sean Hannity Left Visibly Stunned by Dem Congresswoman’s Answer to His Question About Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting

“Did you read the evidence that was released in this case? Hannity asked.

“I did not, and that is not a concern,” Holmes replied.

“The evidence isn’t a concern? What?!” the visibly stunned host shot back.

Norton went on to claim that the Brown shooting and the officer-involved killing of Eric Garner in New York City has revealed a “much larger concern.”

“These are words that you are saying. You have a position of power,” Hannity pressed, asking Norton why she won’t read the evidence in the Brown case.

“I’m sorry, if you want to talk about something that other people said, you can. This is my view,” Norton replied. “We are losing the big picture.”

The congresswoman said the recent police killings should be used as an opportunity to “discuss how police and African-Americans” can improve relations.

Hannity later read some of the evidence that was released after a Ferguson grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s death. He criticized Democratic lawmakers for pushing the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, even though some witnesses — including black witnesses — discredited the claim.

Norton then started to lose her cool.

“There was conflicting testimony!” she yelled. “Some people are going off of the testimony you said, some people are going over the other testimony. That’s not my concern.”

“No? The truth isn’t not your concern? Evidence isn’t your concern?” Hannity pressed. “Evidence isn’t a concern if you are going to take a position on a case?”

“If you want to talk to people who have other concerns, have them on your show!” Norton shouted, later clarifying that she is not a lawyer.

via Sean Hannity Left Visibly Stunned by Dem Congresswoman’s Answer to His Question About Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting | Video | TheBlaze.com.

They aren’t even trying to hide anymore that they don’t care about facts. Amazing.

National Guardsmen In Ferguson Explain Why They’re Recovering Burned Flags

Warning: Some strong language.

via National Guardsmen In Ferguson Explain Why They’re Recovering Burned Flags

Good for them! Respectful and didn’t hurt anyone. The folks around them… they need to step off. No need for the language, not need for the insults. You got to burn your flag like little douchebags, let the grown ups clean up the mess and move on.

5 Important Lessons to be Leaned From the Michael Brown and Travyon Martin Cases…

1. The initial story you hear is probably a lie.


2. The Left has zero interest in discussing why black Americans are really more likely to be shot by police officers.

FNS_black_crime_graphic__my_grab (1)

From John: “The numbers can vary depending on whose statistics you’re looking at, but using the best estimate available, black Americans seem to be 3 times more likely to die at the hands of the police than white Americans. Could there be a possible explanation for this that goes beyond racism? Actually, yes.

Today blacks are about 13 percent of the population and continue to be responsible for an inordinate amount of crime. Between 1976 and 2005 blacks committed more than half of all murders in the United States. The black arrest rate for most offenses — including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes — is still typically two to three times their representation in the population. Blacks as a group are also overrepresented among persons arrested for so-called white-collar crimes such as counterfeiting, fraud and embezzlement.

Percentage-wise, black Americans are much more likely to commit crimes and so, it’s not a surprise that they’re more likely to end up in potentially dangerous conflicts with police officers. Encouraging black Americans to be hostile to police officers, which is sadly all too common, only exacerbates the problem by making cops more suspicious and by making black Americans more likely to do potentially dangerous things around the police. The vast majority of black Americans are decent, law-abiding people and it’s sad that some of them are afraid of the police. That’s an issue that police departments should do much more to address, but unless they’re met halfway by community leaders who are willing to work with the cops, any effort is doomed to fail.

3. You better arm yourself because you can’t count on the police to protect you.


Continued via 5 Important Lessons to be Leaned From the Michael Brown and Travyon Martin Cases… |.

On a related note, here is why it isn’t absurd that Darren Wilson fired on Michael Brown: