Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud

(Reuters photo: Rick Wilking)

A flabbergasted Clinton responded that she was shocked — horrified! — to hear Trump “talking down our democracy.” This was a top theme in her campaign’s closing days: The election was absolutely legitimate; Trump was traitorously condemnable for refusing to say so.

Of course, Clinton and the Democrats who parroted her would prefer that you forget that now. And given her strained relationship with the truth, they’re right to calculate that you’d never retain anything she said for very long. Nobody does. Corporate big wheels who paid to hear her vaporous speechifying couldn’t tell you a memorable thing she’d said after paying $250,000 for her “insights.”

The media-Democrat indictment of Trump’s election-rigging spiel was not rooted in patriotic commitment to the American democratic tradition of accepting election outcomes. They said what they said because they fully expected to win — all the polls said so! Hillary and her chums, Barack Obama included, would not abide a taint of illegitimacy affixing itself to her inevitable presidency.

Except she wasn’t so inevitable.

So now, there is just one very inconvenient problem for the “Russia hacked the election” narrative, the tireless media-Democrat harangue since November 8: Everything of substance that is known to the U.S. government about Russian meddling was already known in those pre-election weeks when Clinton and the Democrats were hailing the legitimacy of the process.

They’ve changed their tune not because the facts changed, but because they lost.

Full article: Democrats & Russian-Hacking Allegations — Putin Is Smiling | National Review

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Maher to Hillary: You F*cked It Up’ – ‘Stay in the Woods’

Doesn’t look like Hillary’s comeback is off to a good start.


Bill Maher

He added, “But the other side of it is, Hillary, stay in the woods. Okay. You had your shot. You f*cked it up. You’re Bill Buckner. We had the World Series, and you let the grounder go through your legs. Let someone else have the chance. This to me — the fact that she’s come back, it just verifies every bad thing anyone’s ever thought about the Clintons, that it’s all about them. Let some of the other shorter trees get a little sunlight.”

Source: Maher to Hillary: You F*cked It Up’ – ‘Stay in the Woods’ – Breitbart

New Yorkers To Hillary Clinton: No Thanks

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t perform well in the latest poll in the New York City mayor’s race, according to a new Rasmussen poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters in the city don’t want Clinton to run again, compared to just 23 percent of voters who wanted the former presidential candidate to run. Nineteen percent of voters hadn’t yet made up their mind.

Full article: New Yorkers To Hillary Clinton: No Thanks

Clinton Author Says Hillary’s Definitely Going to Run Again

Malzberg asked Klein if he was saying Hillary Clinton was going to run for president again.

Ed Klein said, “I’m not only saying it, I’m absolutely sure of it because my sources tell me that she is energized, ready to go, she’s going to write a book for Simon and Shuster. Then she’s going on another listening tour. She’s planning a listening tour. She’s going to take Bill Clinton with her because she needs to draw huge crowds.”

He thinks Perez would be okay with this. He did say he didn’t think it would work because of her age.

Full article: Great News! Clinton Author Says Hillary’s Definitely Going to Run Again!

Great! So the election in 2020 can be just as historically horrible as the one in 2016! Fabulous!

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Clinton Global Initiative Is Being Shut Down…

This is a notice, required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act), about pending layoffs.

Clinton Global Initiative will be closing, that is the reason given for laying off 22 employees on 4/15/2017.

74 employees were previously let go at the end of December, according to other WARN filings.

What foreign government would want to donate now to someone who will not be President, who will have no power?

There have been questions raised about whether everything in the Clinton Foundation was actually in compliance with the charity laws in the state of New York.

Full article: BREAKING: It’s Over! Clinton Global Initiative Is Being Shut Down…

The final 22 employees of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York have been given notice and will receive their walking papers in less than three months. Once numbering more than 200, the staff had already been reduced a couple of times, but the curtain will finally come down entirely this spring. In what may prove to be more than a little ironic, their final exit will take place on tax day. (Daily Caller)

The Clinton Foundation announced it’s laying off 22 staffers on the Clinton Global Initiative, keeping with a plan to deal with the negative spotlight put on the organization during former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The layoffs will take effect April 15, the Clinton Foundation said in a filing with the New York Department of Labor Thursday, citing the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative. The move is part of a plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election in order to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

Full Article: The Clinton Global Initiative is Closing Its Doors for Good

While America was watching football, the FBI dropped these 300 Clinton-related docs

According to Wikileaks, the documents were released at 22:37 p.m. UTC on the Bureau’s Vault website, where it publishes information regarding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Sunday marked the fifth of such Clinton document dumps on behalf of the FBI.

From the Daily Caller:

In one April 27, 2015 email, an FBI official wrote to other officials that they were “about to get drug into an issue on classification” of Clinton’s emails. The official, whose name is redacted, said that the State Department was “forum shopping,” or seeking a favorable opinion on the classification issue by asking different officials to rate emails as unclassified.

The emails also appear to show that State Department officials made multiple special requests for the FBI to reduce its classification of certain emails found on Clinton’s.

More from the Daily Caller:

The FBI release also includes an email from the attorney of Bryan Pagliano, the Hillary Clinton State Department aide who set up and managed her secret email server. In the email, Mark MacDougall, Pagliano’s lawyer, informed the FBI that Pagliano would decline the bureau’s request for an investigation. Pagliano would eventually meet with the FBI in December, but only after receiving limited immunity from the Department of Justice.

Full article: While America was watching football, the FBI dropped these 300 Clinton-related docs

Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for New York Mayor

Barely two months after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump, she is being urged by major Democratic donors and leaders to make a bid for New York City’s mayor and challenge incumbent Bill de Blasio, Newsmax has learned.

“She’s talking about it,” a former city Democratic elected official admitted to Newsmax over the weekend, saying the idea has not been dismissed by the former first lady’s inner circle.

He and other sources say Clinton is being pushed to run by Democrats dissatisfied over de Blasio’s mayoralty.

“If she ran, she’d win,” another source with deep ties to the Democratic and media establishment said.

Some Clinton advisers are reportedly predicting Trump will stumble badly in his first term, encouraging Hillary to stay on the sidelines in case she wants to make another bid for the White House in 2020.

But even her closest allies say the chances of her running for president again are small.

Source: Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for New York Mayor