Would You Vote for Joe Biden? Would Anyone?!

Conservatives reject Palin's call for impeachment: 'Nobody wants a President Biden' - Washington TimesThere is speculation on a regular basis that Joe Biden could challenge Trump in 2020. According to this, we’re talking about it again. By the way, Joe Biden will be 75 this year. Astounding for a group of people who seem to dislike old white men.

I’m not real sure what’s going on with the democrats these days, but every time you turn around they have someone else who is going to save the party. Maxine Waters (yeah, no, really). Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Now Joe Biden.

Stay vigilant, folks. We all know the left expects the right to do and be things they themselves are not willing to do. They refuse to accept the results of a legal election. They are making excuses for their own failures. They are accusing us of doing what they themselves are doing (restricting free speech, for example).

Next week they’ll have yet another savior of their party. Anyone want to wager a guess to who they’ll pick?

Biden on The View

Well, it’s nice to see someone acting like an adult.

Notice the end of the clip. Looks like Joe may take a run at Trump in 2020, or at least he’s strongly considering it. And while Joe has acted like an adult recently, he’s still a bumbling fool. He will not get my vote. Period.

Biden Blames “Lazy American Women” For The Economy: “They Sit Around Doing Nothing, Only Hillary Can Force Them To Work”

He added that it was “lazy American women” who brought about the downfall of the economy, because “they sit around on their behinds, doing nothing and squandering their days away when they could be improving the country that has given so much to them.” “I’m not sure how exactly we got to this point, but we’re here and we need to move. Like, yesterday,” he said.

“Mark my words and mark them well,” he addressed the crowd. “Hillary Clinton is the only one who can force American women to go to work. This is true because of a number of reasons. First, she’s a woman herself and not just any woman; she’s a self-made woman. So you better believe what she’s saying is true and has been tried and tested in practice plenty of times.”

“Second, Hillary Clinton understands how difficult it can be to give up the status of a free-loader when your husband is the bread-winner of the household and the wife is expected to tend to the house, the children, make sure dinner is served and always be in the mood for marital duties. She’s been all that and she’s learned how to break free from it, the hard way, I might add,” Biden continued.

“Today’s women are pampered and aren’t used to rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done on their own,” the vice president said. “They’re too dependent, too weak and too lazy to contribute to the economy. The reason for that is they’ve learned how to manipulate men by employing one of the most fundamental laws of economics: when a sought-after commodity becomes short in supply, the demand for it rises even higher.”

“Now, that’s all fine and dandy when it comes to their personal interests, but if you look at the big picture, it’s the economy that’s missing out on valuable workforce. And that’s why we need to get them off their lazy behinds and get them into their workplaces. And like I said, Hillary Clinton is the only one who can do it, which is what makes her the ideal candidate for the next President of the United States. We need to heal this country, folks, not run it into the ground even deeper,” Biden concluded.

Full article: Biden Blames “Lazy American Women” For The Economy: “They Sit Around Doing Nothing, Only Hillary Can Force Them To Work” | EndingFed News Network

Where is the outrage, lefties? Hey, feminists? Where are you now?

He actually says the economy is still poor regardless of the stats and we’re not doing anything about it. Um… Joe? You’re the vice president. Obama is the president. Your party is in power. How is this speech going to encourage me to put another member of your party – who promises to continue doing Obama’s “work” when in office – into the White House? Maybe it’s time to try something new instead of putting the woman pretty much claiming to be Obama’s third term into office.

Oh, I forgot! Obama’s not to blame for anything! He’s trying so hard! But everyone else is just getting in his way! Sorry! I legit forgot.


Joe Biden, Groper-in-Chief, Accuses Trump of ‘Sexual Assault’


Full article: Joe Biden, Groper-in-Chief, Accuses Trump of ‘Sexual Assault’

Words are, apparently, worse than actions. I mean, these people are more enraged what Trump said than what Bill and Hillary did.

And Joe just never stops touching people.


Biden: Trump not responsible enough for nuclear launch codes

Democrats like Vice President Joe Biden are making the argument that Donald Trump doesn’t have the restraint required to have access to nuclear launch codes if elected president. And in doing so, they’re ignoring everything we know about their candidate’s warlike tendencies.

“He has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and guess what? That’s OK sometimes … But I’ve got a military aide with me carrying a briefcase,” Biden said. “No, I mean this sincerely. That briefcase has the nuclear codes in it and, God forbid, if something happened to the president and a decision had to be made, I open it up and the nuclear codes are there. Just imagine giving this guy access.”

Following laughter from the crowd, the vice president continued: “No, no, no, I really mean it! Imagine giving this guy access to the nuclear codes. A guy who says how he’d consider using nuclear weapons. A guy who talks about how may other countries should become nuclear powers. I mean, my God.”

Trump the loose cannon has been a popular meme for the Clinton campaign, as it seeks to present the former top diplomat as the safest bet for U.S. security and international stability.

The political left’s effort to portray Trump as crazy is an obvious effort to help voters forget just how insane Clinton is when it comes to foreign policy.

Full article: Biden: Trump not responsible enough for nuclear launch codes – Personal Liberty®

Yeah, so give them to Hillary and her private server instead!

It amazes me. They have the brass set to say this sort of thing after the FBI calls her extremely careless instead of prosecuting her. It’s like the ads she has on TV where she leans heavily on the military and tries to make it look like they really support her.

The sad part is that it is actually fooling someone.


Biden Just Made Hillary Look Like A Hateful Seahag.

And I don’t even know if he meant to.

Watch video: Biden Just Made Hillary Look Like A Hateful Seahag.

I was talking about Joe deciding not to run this afternoon with my mom. We found it kind of depressing that when we looked at the top three possible candidates (Clinton, Sanders, and Biden as the possible) Biden was the most sane. And when I told her the only two people I would consider viable on the Dem side because they aren’t completely insane and running on drastically altering the USA were Webb and Biden and they were both out of the race, we sat in silence for a moment contemplating the fact that it was said, it was true, and it was frightening. And that people are actually happily supporting socialism.

This coming election is going to be really tense. There is a possibility of someone getting into the White House who is going to get in by running on taking away as much of our freedoms as possible in exchange for taking as much of our money as possible to give “free” stuff to us. And people are excited about this. So if it happens, it is going to take a very long time to repair the damage, because you have to get people unexcited about having their freedoms and their money stolen from them.

Uncle Joe – Creeping into the Race

Well, looks like Joe Biden is creeping his way into the race. Guess we can expect more chills down our spines to come…