Notre Dame Students Walk Out Of Graduation To Protest Pence. The Crowd’s Reaction Is Priceless

A video of the walk-out is extraordinary. The crowd cheers when Pence is introduced, but boos loudly when the students rise to walk out.

Pence, always classy, didn’t acknowledge the walkout. But he did chide those purveying the current state of intolerance on campuses by saying in his address that “free speech and civility are waning on campuses across America.”

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My mother actually told me about this yesterday, mostly because she was appalled by it. My mother is a democrat and doesn’t like the president or vice president, but even she admitted it was wholly disrespectful and wrong. She pointed out that if it had been my graduation and I had walked out on the vice president’s speech – regardless of who it was – she would have slapped me. And I pointed out that it isn’t something I would have done. I may have videoed it and critiqued it later, but walk out? Hell no!

It made it’s way into the news after that, and my mother continued to comment on it. The way the media has portrayed it, you would think it was this massive walk out that included a large portion of the graduates walking out during the speech. And my mother was beside herself that that many graduates would be leaving college with that level of disrespect.

So I opened this clip on my phone and showed my mother. The big deal the media made about it was a little overblown… as usual. As you can see (and was reported), it was less than 100 students that walked out. The vast majority of graduates stayed, some even stood and clapped when he took the podium.

I’m not disregarding the event. It was still massively disrespectful that anyone walked out on the speech. And I worry that these people are entering the work force now. Although as overly offended snowflakes, their prospects at getting and keeping a job are limited.

But as usual, the media made it out to be bigger than it was. Even my mother was astounded when she saw the actual walk out. It is a sign of the times, and something to always keep in the back of your mind as the media goes nuts over everything Trump does. Remember, Trump could fart into the wind and the media would make a huge scandal out of it.

Me? As I said… if it had been my graduation, regardless of the vice president at the time, I’d be there videoing the heck out of it, most likely for you guys. 🙂

HuffPo, Twitter mock Mike Pence for respecting his wife in his dealings with other women

Mocking what it doesn’t understand, HuffPo elaborates:

Believe it or not, two people of the opposite sex eating together doesn’t always end in a night of unbridled passion.

On Tuesday, a Washington Post profile about Karen Pence, wife to Vice President Mike Pence, surfaced an intriguing tidbit first revealed to The Hill in 2002. Pence will not eat alone with any woman who is not his wife, nor will he go to any events serving alcohol without his wife alongside him.

The couple’s strict marriage rules have sparked a lot of controversy and some downright mockery. But what really got Twitter riled up, was when conservative blogger Matt Walsh weighed in on Wednesday, asking if there’s ever an “appropriate reason” for a married person to go out for a meal alone with someone of the opposite sex.

Full article: HuffPo, Twitter mock Mike Pence for respecting his wife in his dealings with other women | Herman Cain

I’ve been listening to the wild screeching of feminists since this became a headline for whatever unknown reason. I’ve read a lot of the articles, too. Mostly because I am trying to figure out what the big friggin’ deal is!

I think it’s beautiful. No, really, I do. I’m sorry, but everyone has a different marriage from everyone else. What the left saw as some kind of feminist assault, I saw as a man trying to remain faithful to a woman he made an honest commitment to by removing any possible temptation. It doesn’t mean he’s going to get wasted and jump the next woman he sees if his wife is not around. But it does mean he has enough respect for his wife to not cause her undo stress and worry. There’s no questions here. Everything is right there in the open for both of them.

Now, I can support this because I “lost” a friend this way. There was a young man I worked with for several years in two locations, and I was very close to him, enough so to call him a brother. We had zero sexual attraction to each other. But during the course of us working together, he married a young woman that he adored. When I left the last job we worked at together, I explained to him as I was leaving that I would not be contacting him because his wife was mildly jealous and I didn’t want to cause harm to their marriage. We haven’t spoken since. I think of him often and fondly. But I respect him and his wife enough to understand how she feels and to let him go from my life so I don’t damage their marriage.

So what I see happening between Mike Pence and his wife is respect. I know some people don’t grasp this sort of marriage, but I personally find it beautiful.

Mike Pence Responds To Hillary Camp’s Benghazi Heroes INSULT

Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence didn’t respond well, Breitbart reports:

“This just came out today…when her staff was preparing her for testimony, an opening statement for the select committee on Benghazi, one of them actually mentioned in an email that she shouldn’t focus too much on the ‘four guys’ who were killed,” said Pence.

“Those were not four guys. Those were four American heroes,” Pence said to shouts of affirmation and applause.

“When she was questioned about the reason for the attacks she actually said of those four American heroes, she actually said, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

He continued, “Let me tell you something, I’m a father of a United States Marine. Anybody who said that, anybody who did that, should be disqualified from ever serving as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.”

“It was Hillary Clinton who left Americans in harm’s way in Benghazi,” Pence remarked to the New Hampshire crowd earlier in his address.

Clinton and her staff’s dismissiveness of these four heroes – who she was responsible for – is absolutely unforgivable.

Full article: Mike Pence Responds To Hillary Camp’s Benghazi Heroes INSULT | The Federalist Papers

More: Clinton Campaign: Let’s Not Overdo the Tributes to “The Four Guys” Killed in Benghazi


CBS, NBC Shut Down Pence When He Calls Out Media Bias

While being grilled about sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump during the appearance on This Morning, Pence pointed out the glaring media double standard in coverage of campaign controversies: “Donald Trump made it very clear yesterday, he has categorically denied these allegations and these kind of unsubstantiated claims being given so much focus in the media at the time we have hard evidence flowing out of the Clinton Foundation.”

He noted: “We had evidence this week, in fact, that while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her aides actually gave preferential treatment to friends of the Clintons for reconstruction contracts in Haiti.” Co-host Charlie Rose interrupted: “We would like to ask all of those questions….We would like to ask all of those questions of her, but – But we have Donald Trump’s running mate here this morning.”

Pence observed: “That receives very little attention and these unsubstantiated claims are dominating the news.”

Full article and video: CBS, NBC Shut Down Pence When He Calls Out Media Bias


Pence: Clinton Is Running An ‘Insult-Driven Campaign’

“Donald Trump has given voice to the frustrations and aspirations of the American people like no leader in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan,” Pence said. “He’s cast a vision to ‘Make America Great Again.’ From the days of the primary through our convention and every day since, he’s been outlining the details and policies that will restore American strength at home and abroad, uphold our Constitution, promote the kind of trade policies that will put the American worker first, end illegal immigration. He’s laid out the details of those policies.”

Pence was referring to Clinton and her running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, when he declared: “Their campaign every day seems to be intent on calling a press conference and focusing on what Donald Trump said or tweeted in the last days or weeks or, in some cases, years. But the reason why you … see the enormous crowds that are coming out for Donald Trump is because by articulating a vision and laying forth the policies for how we ‘Make America Great Again,’ Donald Trump has inspired a movement in this country and I think it’s going to carry him all the way to the White House.”

Full article: Pence: Clinton Is Running An ‘Insult-Driven Campaign’


After Being ‘In Hiding,’ Mike Pence Emerges to Give Response

“As a husband and father, I was offended by the words and actions described by Donald Trump in the eleven-year-old video released yesterday. I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them.”

Read entire statement: After Being ‘In Hiding,’ Mike Pence Emerges to Give Response No Trump Supporter Wants to Hear

This is like the Paula Deen issue all over again.


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