Trey Gowdy on NYT Story that Trump Asked James Comey to Lay off Mike Flynn

I’d also like to know if anyone else heard Trump ask Comey to drop the case on Flynn. A memo is nice and all, but anyone can write a memo and they can put anything they want in it. Are there witnesses? Recordings? Anything other than the word of James Comey, who didn’t think it was necessary to mention until after he got fired?


The Trump Campaign Responds To The New York Times’ Tax Record ‘Bombshell’…

News broke late last night that the New York Times had gotten hold of Donald Trump’s tax records from 1995, showing that Trump reported a huge loss that year, making it possible that Trump hasn’t paid ANY income tax for eighteen years.

And now, according to this, Team Trump is saying the NYT obtained those records illegally –

“The only news here is that the more than 20-year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained, a further demonstration that the New York Times, like establishment media in general, is an extension of the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party and their global special interests,” the campaign said in a statement.

This really should be a non-issue. I’ll say the same thing I said last night when the news first came out: This is how EVERYONE deals with their taxes – not just big-time business owners. Everyone looks for as many deductions and loopholes that they can find in order to pay the least amount of money to government they legally can.

Full article: The Trump Campaign Responds To The New York Times’ Tax Record ‘Bombshell’… – Chicks On The Right

Hillary will, of course, run with it and beat the crap out of it in campaign ads. Which is fine. The woman threatened national security and destroyed evidence in a case against her, then somehow managed to not be jailed. She went back to sleep while four Americans were killed in Benghazi. She laughed about getting a child rapist out of prison, and runs ads about how she has spent thirty years fighting for children. Her supporters are committing fraud in her name, and burning down their cities.

I’d vote for my dog before I voted for Hillary.