Gowdy-Porn: Trey Gowdy vs. CIA Director John Brennan


Trey Gowdy on NYT Story that Trump Asked James Comey to Lay off Mike Flynn

I’d also like to know if anyone else heard Trump ask Comey to drop the case on Flynn. A memo is nice and all, but anyone can write a memo and they can put anything they want in it. Are there witnesses? Recordings? Anything other than the word of James Comey, who didn’t think it was necessary to mention until after he got fired?

Gowdy takes himself out of running for FBI director post

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So, according to this, Trey Gowdy has taken himself out of consideration for FBI director.

This may not be a popular opinion, but I’m kind of glad he did. Personally, I think Gowdy is much more useful where he already is, and he would become less useful as the FBI director. Besides, it makes him susceptible to being fired by future – or current – presidents, which could remove him from usefulness to the country all together.

What does freak me out a little is that Merrick Garland – Obama’s unsuccessful choice for the Supreme Court after the passing of Scalia – is apparently gaining some support for the short list to replace Comey.  This is not a good idea at all. Apparently, no one will confirm or deny whether he is being considered for the role, but several members of the government have publicly stated support for this horrible idea.


Trey Gowdy Responds To Harry Reid’s Ridiculous Letter To James Comey

Source: Trey Gowdy Responds To Harry Reid’s Ridiculous Letter To James Comey, And It Is GLORIOUS

  1. Give me a break. The woman was found to have done something people are currently in jail for, and she was let go without even a slap on the wrist, and suddenly Comey is trying to influence the election. No one is dumb enough to believe that.
  2. Hey dems… stop whining. No, seriously. Your answer to every non-dem who is upset about an issue is to stop whining. So take your own advice.
  3. Remember when Harry Reid told us NOT to question James Comey on Hillary’s emails?

Trey Gowdy: I Trust FBI To Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Gowdy introduced Rubio and then took a question about Clinton’s email scandal.

“I’m going to let them do their work,” Gowdy said. “I confess my bias upfront. I used to work with him [Comey]. I think Comey is doing exactly what you want, he’s doing a serious investigation behind closed doors, away from the media’s attention, and I’m going to trust him until I see any reason not to.”

Rubio took the opportunity to slam Hillary Clinton.

“None of our candidates are under FBI investigation,” Rubio said about the Republican field.

“I believe that what Hillary Clinton did with that information completely disqualifies her to be president,” Rubio said to applause.

“If a member of my staff were to walk out of my building with classified information, they would not only be fired, they would be prosecuted,” said Rubio.

“‘I’m Hillary Clinton so I can do whatever I want. I’m untouchable.’ That’s a disqualifier to be president.”

Source: Trey Gowdy: I Trust FBI To Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Emails – Breitbart

Most people don’t trust them to do it right. I don’t trust them so much that I am now suspicious of Gowdy.